Video Recap from Nov. 4th’s REDEMPTION

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REDEMPTION Full Results (4/11/17)

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Wrestle Rampage’s return to the Adelaide city wasn’t without chaos and controversy, but we’d expect nothing less from the 2017 finale.

Robby Heart faces a ‘Soul’ crushing defeat…

With frustrations mounting after Robby Heart’s #1 contendership for the Cruiserweight Cup was relinquished by Commissioner Tom Chocolate, ‘The Darkest Soul’ found himself up against an old foe in ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice. With that, Heart’s dream run came to a crushing end as he went down to a spine-tingling reverse piledriver. On the other side of things, Heart’s new running mate Amity Row was victorious in the women’s Triple Threat match over Joanie May and Chanel Phoenix, so all is not lost in camp goth.


The Gorgeous crew expanding?

Although looking supremely uncomfortable, Havok’s first match alongside Moneybags Malone’s ‘Big & Gorgeous’ crew could be considered a success, with first year rookies Tommy Knight and ‘Heart-Throb’ Corey Adams losing to the veteran and his partner ‘Big’ Willy Gibson. After the match, it seemed like Moneybags’ poaching efforts continued with the young Corey Adams leaving alongside the group.


A grappling clinic demonstrated Pro Wrestling in its purest form.

With backgrounds training and competing around the world in various forms of Mixed Martial Arts and Pro Wrestling, you couldn’t find a more perfect matchup than that between Damian Slater and AJ Istria. For almost 20 minutes they traded submission attempts, takedowns and brutal strikes, but in the end Slater scored one up on AJ Istria with a Slatality. Slater now finds himself back at the top, with the impressive performance likely keeping Istria in contention.


Super Dowie brought fireworks to Adelaide, but seemingly found his kryptonite.

An incredible Cruiserweight Cup match between current champion Link Barnett and recent MCW Invitational Trophy winner Dowie James saw momentum swing on multiple occasions. In the end it was Barnett’s hand raised with a 2nd successful cup defence. Deciding who is next to face the champ is a tough call, with former champ Mike Boomer certainly having a sound argument for the spot, as well as Rat Daddy who has had the most impressive first year out of any Australian wrestler in recent memory.


Welcome to the Rat Daddy Revolution…

Speaking of paternal rodents, Rat Daddy was victorious in a 6-man scramble that featured some of the most dynamic characters from around the nation, including Dean Valente, Mike Boomer, Turkish Delight, Rufio and Tyler Trench. Dean Valente took exception to the defeat and planted a foot straight into Rat Daddy’s gonads. Perhaps less time launching cheap cologne and more time in the wrestling ring would be a more effective way to overcome a loss. On a side note, Rufio made a beeline straight for Tyler Trench after the assault at GROUND ZERO, so it would be safe to say that there is still some bad blood there.


King Kong has been conquered…

The unexpected has happened. A dominant 2nd reign with the Australian National Championship has come to an end as ‘Gorgeous’ Greg Graham defeats a bloodied and battered Jonah Rock with multiple piledrivers. In usual Triple G fashion, interferences were a key point in the match, overshadowing the fact that ‘Gorgeous’ Greg did actually hang with ‘The Monster.’ To say that his victory is deserved however, this writer is not so sure.

Where to now for the Australian National Championship scene? Both Damian Slater and Chris Vice are coming off strong wins, with Slater publicly stating that he wants to become the first ever 3x champ and Chris Vice looking to collect the one Heavyweight Championship that has alluded him. Mr. Juicy is set to return soon, and was plagued by the new champ and his comrades for a majority of 2017. All we can say is, stay tuned as 2018 is looking MASSIVE, with a new venue, new talent and more of the very best Pro Wrestling you’ll find in Australia!


The event will be released on Vimeo shortly. Make sure to checkout our current library of events at where you can rent or buy from just $4.99 for over 2 hours of action!


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November 4th’s REDEMPTION card has been rounded out with an explosive triple threat women’s match. Impressive rookie JOANIE MAY will surely have a massive target on her back after defeating both CHANEL PHOENIX and AMITY ROW in singles competition in recent months, but with it being every girl for herself, this match could be anyone’s for the taking!


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The cat is out of the bag, MCW phenomenon DOWIE JAMES is making his Wrestle Rampage debut at November 4th’s REDEMPTION!

With the Cruiserweight Division in a state of purgatory after ROBBY HEART had his #1 contender status revoked due to interference in his contendership match against MIKE BOOMER, Commissioner Tom Chocolate has decided to pull out the big guns and give LINK BARNETT perhaps his toughest challenge yet!

A long time staple of the Victorian wrestling scene, DOWIE JAMES has held multiple championships in his home promotion of MELBOURNE CITY WRESTLING. Is now his time to add another to the collection, or will kiwi expat LINK BARNETT continue to forge his name as one of Australasia’s best ever cruiserweights


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WR Redemption News: KNIGHT & ADAMS vs. HAVOK & GIBSON

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At GROUND ZERO, Australian Pro Wrestling legend HAVOK seemed to be targeted by the vanity crew known as ‘BIG & GORGEOUS’ after facing another devastating loss, this time to rookie sensation TOMMY KNIGHT. Apparently their sales pitch was solid enough for HAVOK to agree to team with GIBSON at November 4th’s REDEMPTION event.

Their opponents will be 2 recent graduates of the WRESTLE RAMPAGE DOJO in the former Mixed Martial Artist TOMMY KNIGHT and debutant ‘The Heart-Throb’ COREY ADAMS!

Will HAVOK’s new direction be a winner or are HAVOK & GIBSON in for another upset at the hands of the underdogs?


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WR Redemption News: 6-MAN SHOWDOWN

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Just added to November 4th’s REDEMPTION card for Fowlers Live, 6 of our most dynamic characters will be put into 1 ring and left to fight. For the winner? Bragging rights and hopefully a pulse! Let’s rundown the competitors:


‘Big Man on Campus’ DEAN VALENTE will be desperate to come out on top after going down to EINAR IRONSIDE in a Leather Strap Match. However with his preparation time seemingly spent being a douchebag launching men’s fragrances, VALENTE may have a rough road ahead.

Despite consecutive losses (under dubious circumstances) ‘Rapid Fire’ MIKE BOOMER is in the prime of his career. The former Cruiserweight Champion wants to put the past few months behind him and finish the year off strong with a victory over 5 others.

Possibly the most polarising athlete on the Wrestle Rampage roster, RAT DADDY has had a debut year that most only dream of. Picking up 2 massive victories, he recently had his streak broken by MR. JUICY. Is this RAT DADDY’s time to shine?

We will see the in-ring debut of HEINZ SCHULTZ’s creation, known as TYLER TRENCH, who interfered in the last event’s proceedings by chokeslamming the hell out of RUFIO for some unknown reason. SCHULTZ then proclaimed “The leader has sent us! The leader is coming!” before his giant freak proceeded to lick a fallen RUFIO. Yeah, you read that right.

Speaking of RUFIO, the Pirate Slayer himself has a spot in the 6-Man Showdown and will no doubt be making a beeline for TRENCH. Let’s hope that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Finally we will see the return of MR. JUICY’s (possibly but not really sure) illegitimate son…THE TURKISH DELIGHT! Which means that the odds of two-men french kissing in the middle of the ring are high! Possibly higher if TYLER TRENCH can’t keep his tongue in his mouth.



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WR Redemption News: CHRIS VICE vs. ROBBY HEART

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After having his Cruiserweight Cup #1 Contendership revoked by Commissioner TOM CHOCOLATE due to outside interference, ROBBY HEART now finds himself lined up against a very different opponent to the originally scheduled LINK BARNETT. ‘The Smashing Machine’ CHRIS VICE will return to Fowlers Live on November 4th, with relentless ambition and hungry to regain his place at the very top!

Can ROBBY HEART continue his incredible streak against a world-class opponent who himself is on an absolute tear? Or was crossing the boss the worst possible mistake that ‘The Darkest Soul’ could have made?


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