WR Revolution News: ROBBY HEART vs. RUFIO

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Another huge addition to REVOLUTION’s 10th Anniversary card is a Cruiserweight Division match as ROBBY HEART takes on Queensland standout, RUFIO!


2016 was a year like no other for ROBBY HEART and perhaps not for all the right reasons. After time away due to injury, HEART returned a changed man. The fired up, former 2 time Champion of old was dead and in his place stood an emotionless, dark soul. Perhaps it was years of torment from the likes of THE BROTHERHOOD that caused a change in ROBBY HEART, but for whatever reason, it was AJ ISTRIA who initially felt the wrath of ‘The Darkest Soul’. Even an in-form ISTRIA could not solve the problems that HEART was now creating as he would go down in the history books as the first victim of ROBBY HEART’s warpath.


Using any means necessary, including a vile black mist, HEART has been undefeated since his return and will be looking to continue his mission by taking out one of Australia’s most promising young talents. However RUFIO’s heart and resilience makes him no easy pushover. RUFIO has spent the past year attempting to make his name within Wrestle Rampage and on May 6th he will have his biggest opportunity yet!


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When we said the REVOLUTION 10th Anniversary event would be stacked, we meant it! An Australian Cruiserweight Dream Match is the next addition to the May 6th’s card!

Having held the CRUISERWEIGHT CUP since November of 2016, MIKE BOOMER has represented the Cruiserweight Division in style. Having overcome the likes of RUFIO, KASAI, DAVEY GREEN and PARIS DE SILVA, BOOMER has made a name for himself in the Wrestle Rampage landscape and looks ready to face any challenge that comes his way.

Enter ROBBIE EAGLES. Undoubtedly one of Australia’s leading Cruiserweights of the past decade, the world-travelled EAGLES has held gold all over the country and is looking to add another to his vast collection. EAGLES’ explosive style compliments his high flying ability, making this BOOMER’s toughest challenge yet.

You would not want to be a betting man in this one! When all is said and done, it looks to be either the DEAD MAN’S CHEST or the 450 SPLASH that is the deciding factor, and just who can hit it first!


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The war between MR. JUICY and TEAM GORGEOUS rolls on as on May 6th at REVOLUTION, they will do battle in a 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match!


It all began at January’s RELOADED event when MR. JUICY was cost his AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP match against DAMIAN SLATER due to interference from the team of BIG & GORGEOUS. We later understood that their motives lay in the fact that they were offended by MR. JUICY’s use of the ‘stinkface’ and willingness to “expose his unsightly rear end.” GORGEOUS GREG vowed that he would fight for Wrestle Rampage to ‘become gorgeous again’ by ridding the world of MR. JUICY and ensuring that he never holds Championship gold. Joining the duo will be ‘Big Man on Campus’ DEAN VALENTE who has had a real chip on his shoulder recently and will be looking to avenge recent losses to both EINAR IRONSIDE and MR. JUICY.


MR. JUICY scored an important victory against the team of BIG & GORGEOUS at February’s MOMENT OF TRUTH event, but still feels like he has yet to get his hands on ‘GORGEOUS’ GREG GRAHAM. Alongside recent ally EINAR IRONSIDE and his dead ringer of a protege in TURKISH DELIGHT, JUICY will have his chance once more!



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WR Revolution News: KELLYANNE vs. JOANIE MAY

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A huge women’s division rematch has been announced for May 6th’s REVOLUTION 10th Anniversary as Melbourne queen KELLYANNE battles Adelaide up and comer JOANIE MAY.


At MOMENT OF TRUTH, JOANIE MAY stepped into the lion’s den for her debut after graduating from the Wrestle Rampage Dojo. Whilst she was to eventually go down to a vicious Cannonball from KELLYANNE, nobody can deny that she exceeded expectations against arguably Australia’s best female talent.


Despite the loss, the resilient JOANIE is holding her head high and has asked for a rematch, and a rematch she shall receive. Will this be JOANIE MAY’s breakout moment, or is fate destined to side with KELLYANNE once more?


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WR Revolution News: JONAH ROCK(c) vs. AJ ISTRIA

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The Main Event of May 6th’s REVOLUTION 10th Anniversary looks to be nothing short of a pure Pro Wrestling war. For the first time in his near decade run at Wrestle Rampage, former Queenslander AJ ISTRIA will have his shot at the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP when he battles ‘The Monster’ JONAH ROCK.


AJ ISTRIA is a hybrid athlete who could be described as a ‘student of the game.’ Leading the charge in Queensland, ISTRIA knew that to follow his dream he would have to leave the nest and take on bigger and better challenges. ISTRIA brought himself to Adelaide to knock on the door of the WRESTLE RAMPAGE DOJO in the hope that he could be mentored by some of Australia’s best. ISTRIA travelled back and forth, featuring on the undercard of several Wrestle Rampage events, but struggled to find his groove. It was then that he took his career overseas to Japan, where he trained under WWE and ECW legend TAJIRI. ISTRIA wrestled for promotions such as WRESTLING NEW CLASSIC & ZERO1, and began adopting a more striking and submission based offence. On his return ISTRIA moved to South Australia full-time and has rocketed up the ranks ever since. The uncertain young upstart has been replaced by a seasoned submission fighter who is ready to take on the world.


In his way stands JONAH ROCK. Arguably the king of an entire generation of professional wrestlers in Australia, ROCK has shown no signs of slowing down in his long and storied career. Still in his 20’s, JONAH ROCK recently captured the illustrious AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for a 2nd time when he defeated WWE CRUISERWEIGHT CLASSIC competitor, ‘The World Beater’ DAMIAN SLATER. However in victory, a weakness of JONAH’s may have been exposed, as SLATER had his opponent near defeat with a series of knee bar attempts. If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that AJ ISTRIA’s understanding of the submission game is second to none and he will attack a limb with relentless ferocity.


JONAH ROCK has a long list of challengers on his tail but in ISTRIA he faces what could be his toughest task yet. On their feet, both wrestlers are hard hitting warriors, but on the ground this may be a whole different ball game.


Who will walk out of REVOLUTION the best professional wrestler in Australia?



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Wrestle Rampage Open Tryouts – Thursday, March 9th

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The Wrestle Rampage Dojo has built a reputation since 2006 as one of the leading schools in Australia to learn the craft of Professional Wrestling. With ties to the biggest promotions in Japan and the USA, the Wrestle Rampage Dojo has seen many of its graduates go on to further success at a world-class level. Several of the Dojo’s trainees thus far have toured Japan with promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH and ZERO1 Pro Wrestling, as well as our trainer Damian Slater recently wrestling with World Wrestling Entertainment in the Cruiserweight Classic. The Dojo has proven to be a stepping stone for those who have what it takes to make a career in Professional Wrestling.

With World Class facilities, The Pro Wrestling Dojo is the ONLY training centre in the nation which has a curriculum in which you will learn the Japanese, British, Mexican and American professional wrestling styles, in addition to Mixed Martial Arts disciplines of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Freestyle Wrestling and Muay Thai Kickboxing. The dojo is frequently visited by MMA coaches who assist in training sessions.

The Pro Wrestling Dojo is calling out for any aspiring wrestlers to join the rookie class of 2017. Experience is not necessary. The night will be run by 1 of Australia’s leading and most experienced professional wrestlers, Jonah Rock. Jonah has spent over a decade training and wrestling around the world with the very best, including several tours with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. We strongly believe that you will not find another experience like this in Australia.

If you are interested in attending this open tryout, please email training@wrestlerampage.com to confirm your spot. ALL attendees must be aged 15 or over. Parental consent required for those under 18. We also welcome those who may be interested in becoming a referee. If you cannot make the session but are still interested in training at The Pro Wrestling Dojo in the near future, we encourage you to still register your interest.

Do you have what it takes?

DATE: Thursday, March 9th 2017
TIMES: 7:30-9:30pm
LOCATION: Wrestle Rampage Dojo (St. Clair Rec. Centre – 109 Woodville Road, Woodville, SA)
BRING: Towel, training shoes, appropriate sporting clothing.


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WR Moment of Truth Results (25/02/17)

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Mike Boomer(c) def. KASAI
2. Kellyanne def. Joanie May
3. Dean Valente def. Tommy Knight
AJ Istria def. Link Barnett, Robby Heart & Elliot Sexton
5. Havok def. Chris Vice
6. Mr. Juicy & Einar Ironside def. ‘Big & Gorgeous’
Jonah Rock(c) def. Damian Slater
*Photos will be available via our official Facebook page soon.
Next event: Saturday, May 6th – ‘REVOLUTION’ @ St. Clair Recreation Centre, Woodville.
Main EventJonah Rock(c) vs. AJ Istria for the Australian National Championship
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