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NWA Pro/ZERO-1 Tournament

February 14, 2011

At Re-Emerging last year, a working relationship was announced between NWA Pro Australia and ZERO1 Pro Wrestling in Japan. The United National Heavyweight Championship was presented to NWA Pro Australia management, with Mr Nakamura, President of ZERO-1 eager to see the belt not only defended in Australia, but allowing the eventual holder to be flown over to Japan to compete.

At MELTDOWN, a tournament will be held to determine which man will be the belt’s new holder. Mr Nakamura and the NWA Pro General Manager have personally chosen four NWA Pro wrestlers of whom they deem worthy of being the new champion. Those four wrestlers are:

Hartley Jackson – The current NWA Pro Australian National Champion after defeating Robby Heart at last year’s RE-EMERGING in a spectacular ladder match. Hartley is the only man to ever hold the NWA Australian National Championship title twice.

Robby Heart – A former champion, this high flier has to work tirelessly to reach the top of the proverbial mountain. Many feel Robby unfairly lost the Australian National title to Hartley, and are keen for him to win the new belt at MELTDOWN.

Jayson Cooper – Not only is Jayson a former NWA Australian National Champion, but he was the longest reigning champion. Cooper held the belt for an amazing 14 months, defending the title all over the world.

Wreckin’ Ball Wilson – The one man demolition machine has left a path of destruction through the NWA Pro roster. The young wrestler caught Mr Nakamura’s attention after defeating former NWA Pro Champion Jayson Cooper at RE-EMERGING in a Street Fight. Can this combination of youth and brute strength give him the edge to scoop the new belt?

The match brackets for these four men will be decided on Wednesday. Stay tuned…

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