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Hotrodz & AJ Istria headed into the Tournament THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!

June 20, 2011
Greg and Joey Graham, known as The HotrodZ, are entering the #1 Contenders Tournament at Ground Zero. Predominantly a tag, the brothers are no strangers to singles competition. NWA officials will be watching the pair closely during the tournament as one is always out there watching the others back. Interesting enough, we could see the HotrodZ face off against each other, in which case things could become very interesting!
Queensland’er AJ Istria will be making his return to NWA Pro for the #1 Contender Tournament. Istria has been trying to capture the love and admiration of the fans for nearly 2 years now. He’s tried to gain support by rapping, which he though would connect with the fans. He’s tried a public workout, trying to connect with the fans. Nothing has worked nor has he ever scored victory! What is in store for us next when AJ Istria makes his way to the ring at GROUND ZERO… will becoming #1 Contender finally be his chance to win over the crowd?
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