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February 8, 2012

In 1999, Adelaide’s biggest Professional Wrestling Academy was born, the name “Monster Factory” became iconic in the grass roots of professional wrestling in the past decade, and contributed to the rebirth and success of the wrestling industry in a number of states around the country.

Under the careful guidance and training of Col Dervany, the Monster Factory helped pave the path for a number of Australia’s very best professional wrestlers who have helped contribute to the growth and history of professional wrestling in the country to this very date.

Pro-Wrestling South Australia (PWSA) was born from the Monster Factory, and became the first promotion in South Australia to build and contribute to the industry for over 6 years with names such as ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson, ‘The Real Deal’ Steve O’Neal, Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills, Rocky Menero, Tony Stone, Jayson Cooper, Damian Slater, Chopper Colman, John E Radic… the list goes on!

Col Dervany taught professionalism, respect and brought upon an “old school” mentality that breed a number of elite wrestlers, and lead to a number of students traveling from interstate to the Monster Factory to train under Col, including a group from EPW in Perth.

Recently Col Dervany’s health has been declining, so on Saturday 31st March, the wrestlers want to pay honour to Col in a special reunion show to help celebrate the past and industry that he has given so much to over the years!

WRESTLE REUNION will be a unique night that will see the return of a number of wrestlers that were trained in the Monster Factory in a special historic One Night Only show you won’t want to miss. Many thought that some of these wrestlers would never compete in the same ring again, but in a surprise announcement the MAIN EVENT match for this special night will see Col’s first students – ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson and Rocky Menero face off in a re-match that has been 10 years in the making! More news to come soon…

Tickets are on sale now… CLICK HERE


MAIN EVENT: Grudge Match
‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson vs. Rocky Menero

Also set to appear at Wrestle Reunion:

Davis Storm
Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills
Damian Slater

More matches and participants to be announced soon…

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