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WR News: AJ Istria Returns…

March 22, 2012

Istria is coming…

No stranger to the NWA ring, Queensland’s AJ Istria hasn’t been seen since his 2011 loss to Cletus Blood at the prestigious Thebarton Theatre. Having spent the year rapping, dancing and planking in an attempt to make his mark in the NWA, he unfortunately faced little success in the wrestling aspect of the game, holding a less than stellar win/loss record. Whilst many believe that Istria has the potential to thrive in Pro Wrestling, it seemed like his game plan needed an overhaul. Rather than cut Istria from the NWA Pro roster, it was mutually agreed upon that he would spend the early part of 2012 working on his game and return for what could be a final run with the organisation.

We caught up with Istria to ask for his comments on the 2nd chance he has now been given. “I took the NWA’s good faith as an indication from the universe that Pro Wrestling was my true calling. Regardless of my past, 2012 has already started off with a bang as I placed 3rd in the Goodiwindi power walking grand prix last January.” Istria went on to describe that his new diet of kangaroo steak and coconut water has helped his strength and endurance immensely. “I’ve been clocking up 30,000 steps on my pedometer each day and I feel that I’m in the best shape of my life. I bet that Robby Heart barely gets 10,000! What about Wreckin’ Ball? Does he even know what a pedometer is?” Impressed by the dedication that Istria is now showing towards his craft, the NWA will be bringing Istria back for Wrestle Reunion @ Cosgrove Hall on March 31st!

So will things be different in 2012 for the once laughing stock of the NWA? Or is it a case of too little, too late?

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