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WR News: The Hotrodz vs. Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills & ‘Shotgun’ Tyler Jacobs

March 28, 2012

Havok and Shotgun share a lot of similarities. They are both well equipped with heavy handed styles, both are no strangers to pain and violence and they both followed similar pathways in the wrestling game. Tyler Jacobs (Formerly F.N. Carnage) was one of the original EPW members who travelled the Nullarbor some 11 years ago to be put through a torturous training regiment by Col Dervany. Havok was another of the trainers and took a liking to way Jacobs wouldn’t stay down despite every attempt to make him regret his decision to ever become a Professional Wrestler. In the years that followed, both men became champions in their respected States before recently retiring on top.

The Hotrodz are a team of the future as the brothers are just starting to find their place in the wrestling game. Originally known as The Graham Brothers, both men have displayed a drastic change in attitude over the past year which has given them more success than ever, although not without controversy. The retro duo laughed off the idea that Havok and Jacobs would be the team to finally teach them a lesson at WRESTLE REUNION. “We wanted to face some real competition, not a couple of dinosaurs fresh out of the geriatric ward.” Havok and Shotgun were unavailable for comment but if we know the two, we aren’t expecting them to take too kindly to these statements.

It’s a tag team battle of the past vs. the future as things are heating up for WRESTLE REUNION!

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