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WR News: ‘The Ironman’ Davis Storm (WA) vs. ‘The Goldenboy’ Damian Slater (SA)

March 29, 2012

In 2001, a group of aspiring wrestlers from Perth travelled to Adelaide to seek training, citing a lack of wrestling presence in their own state. Col Dervany welcomed them with open arms and from there spawned a legacy of Perth wrestling that has remained strong for over 10 years. Davis Storm was the founding father of Explosive Pro Wrestling in Perth and one of the men to be put through their paces by the veteran of Australian wrestling. A couple of years later in 2003, a young Damian Slater followed a similar path and became one of the last trainees to graduate from Dervany’s Monster Factory.

Moving on to just over 5 years ago and the NWA Pro (then EPW Adelaide) held their inaugural event at Cosgrove Hall. The main event featured Perth’s Davis Storm taking on Adelaide’s own Damian Slater as a part of a tag team battle. It was a war of the present vs. the future and Storm came out on top.

Fast forward to today and this match may not be as one sided as it once was. Since 2006, Storm has been tearing down buildings all over Australia, even picking up EPW’s Championship 3 times. At the same time, Slater has grown into an experienced athlete, honing his craft not only around Australia, but in the USA and Japan on numerous occasions. These men took their feud interstate until Storm retired from active competition in 2011. Now, it will be rekindled and Adelaide fans have the chance to see this highly anticipated match for the first and last time.

THIS will be a dream match not to be missed!

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