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WR Reunion: The Fitness Maniacs (NSW/ACT) vs. Robbie Eagles (NSW) & Mark Davis (QLD)

March 30, 2012

Making their return to the NWA are the most aesthetically pleasing and anabolically awesome tag team to grace the great nation of Australia. The Fitness Maniacs have spent the past year spreading their message of disgust for ‘fatty boomsticks’ around the country, and will bring the tour back to Adelaide for WRESTLE REUNION. Word on the street is that the Maniacs are less than impressed at the increase in BMI that the Adelaide fans have attained and will be bringing their protein bars and power bands in preparation for the night.

One of their opponents will be a man who has been setting NWA Pro crowds on fire for the past year, Robbie Eagles. The pocket dynamo will be teaming up with long time ally Mark Davis who himself has been making a name for himself up and down the East Coast of Australia. Whilst Eagles and Davis are yet to experience tag team competition together, having the high flyer/power wrestler dynamic could create some trouble for Gold’s Gym’s duo. They have all had plenty of experience in battling each other and will have to pull out all of the stops if they are to leave victorious on the 31st.

This one has the potential to steal the show as the most promising young talent from the East will be fighting for survival at WRESTLE REUNION.

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