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ZT News: Rocky Menero vs. Damian Slater!!

April 5, 2012

WRESTLE REUNION on March 31st was a big night for veteran Rocky Menero as he concluded his 10 year long feud with Hartley Jackson by winning the big 2/3 falls match-up. However what he likely didn’t expect coming in, was for anything more to come from this event. The ZERO1 Owner Yoshiyuki Nakamura was on hand at Cosgrove Hall and was reportedly impressed by Menero’s big win over the former ZERO1 United National Heavyweight Champion. What has resulted is Mr. Nakamura requesting that Menero take part in a match on April 14th to prove that he belongs in a ZERO1 ring.

His opponent will be Damian Slater who himself has come straight off of a ZERO1 tour of Japan. Slater impressed the ZERO1 office with his 4 match winning streak overseas, topped off by a war with legend Masato Tanaka. Upon returning he defeated Davis Storm at WRESTLE REUNION and then went on to win the Col Dervany Cup. For Slater, this match is about showing his worth and solidifying a future with the Japanese promotion. Mr. Nakamura will be watching this match intently.

This is a 1st time ever dream match on Adelaide soil. The stakes are high and for the winner, it could be a huge step in their career abroad.

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