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ZT News: Tag Team Grudge Match

April 10, 2012

The Hotrodz vs. Wreckin’ Ball Wilson & ‘Pitbull’ Craig Cole

April 14th is a night of Tag Team Grudge Matches and there will be no love lost in this encounter. At January’s MELTDOWN event, Pitbull and Wreckin’ Ball took the fight to the retro brothers in singles matches. Pitbull was looking to teach some respect to Joey Graham after he was berated for being ‘too old for the business’ and a ‘has been who never was’. After plenty of underhanded tactics by the Hotrodz, a brawl ensued between the 4 and a challenge was made for ZERO TOLERANCE.

After much deliberation, we have news that The Hotrodz HAVE accepted and this grudge match will finally take place on April 14th at Deaf Can Do Hall in Adelaide!

Purchase tickets to ZERO TOLERANCE below NOW! Only a limited number available!!

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