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Z1 Revolution News: Jessie McKay vs. Shazza McKenzie

May 30, 2012

The girls are back as Sydney starlets Jessie McKay and Shazza McKenzie will duke it out at REVOLUTION. Adelaide fans are no stranger to Shazza McKenzie who was successful in the first ever women’s match for the company at Thebarton Theatre back in 2011. She has since made her debut in the USA wrestling for SHIMMER and is looking to continue her victorious streak. Though this may be her hardest challenge yet…

Jessie McKay

*Photo Credit: Gilda Pasquil – Shimmer

Jessie McKay has paid her dues travelling all over the world and fighting the very best in women’s wrestling. After numerous tours with top American groups such as SHIMMER, CZW, ROH and Chikara, she is back on home soil and will be looking to impress ZERO1 Australia fans with a win in her debut for the company. This will be a battle of beauty and brawn as McKay and McKenzie look to heat up Adelaide on June 16th!

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