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Z1 Japan News: Robbie Eagles & Zero1 Fighting Spirit Challenge Australia #2

June 3, 2012

Robbie Eagles will be heading to Japan next week for his 3 month tour of ZERO1. Robbie won the right to represent Australia when he took out the ‘Zero1: Fighting Spirit Challenge’ back in March.

Robbie will be making his Japanese wrestling debut on June 14th at Korakuen Hall in a tag team match. We will keep you updated on Robbie’s progress in Japan as it happens.

ZERO1: Fighting Spirit Challenge Australia #2

Many dream about making it to Japan to train and perform as a Professional Wrestler. The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is truly the last stronghold of Professional Wrestling, not Sports Entertainment, but pure Professional Wrestling. The emphasis is on the athletic ability of the wrestler.


It is a goal of Zero1 Pro Wrestling Australia to help give Professional Wrestlers in this country the chance to live their dream of wrestling in the great country of Japan. In the last year, seven wrestlers from our company have had the opportunity to train and wrestle for ZERO1 overseas. Robbie Eagles with mark our 8th wrestler to head over to Japan and represent Australia

The tentative date for the ‘Zero1: Fighting Spirit Challenge Australia #2’ is looking to be Sunday, September 16th. At this stage we are just gauging the interest of those wishing to participate in the challenge and we will release complete information in the near future.

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