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Z1 Revolution News: STATE OF ORIGIN – SA vs. WA

June 7, 2012

Wreckin’ Ball Wilson vs. Chris Vice

We have a State of Origin battle on our hands as the Perth’s own Wrecking Machine takes on Adelaide’s Wreckin’ Ball at REVOLUTION. Chris Vice made his Adelaide return at WRESTLE REUNION, in fact on the same side as Wreckin’ Ball. Evidently the plan backfired and Chris Vice finished on his back for the 1-2-3. Vice has since blamed Wreckin’ Ball for ruining his opportunity to shine in front of ZERO1’s Japanese scouts, and intends on proving his point on the 16th.

Wreckin’ Ball has been almost stuck in purgatory as of late as he has failed to really make his mark on the company, despite a dominant 2011 in which he was at one point the #1 contender to the Australian National Championship. He will be looking to make an example out of Vice and position himself back at the top of the company at ZERO1 Australia’s debut show.

We will see a war of the West versus the South as REVOLUTION on June 16th takes shape!

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