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Z1 Revolution News: The Fitness Maniacs vs. The Hotrodz

June 9, 2012

These four men are no strangers to one another and have a storied history over the past 4 years. Of their many battles, the Maniacs have just come out on top every single time. However much has changed since their last fight back in 2010 at Thebarton Theatre…

Formerly known as the Graham Brothers, The Hotrodz displayed a whole new side of themselves after their loss to the Maniacs, by siding with ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson. A crude and cocky attitude has emerged with The Hotrodz throwing any memory of the up and coming rookies they once were, out the window.

The Hotrodz

The Fitness Maniacs are not the only ones who have changed their ways, as they have recently returned from a maiden tour of Japan for ZERO1. Word has it that after an unsuccessful Tag Team Title shot against Masato Tanaka and Zeus, they are now more focused that ever on becoming the best tag team in the world, let alone Australia. Their first challenge back will be against their oldest foes.

Photo Credit: ZERO1

Both of these teams may lay claim to being the best tag team in Australia. However by the end of REVOLUTION, we will truly known just who can have official bragging rights and perhaps lay the foundations for a future Tag Team Title shot in Japan.

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