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Z1 Revolution News: Mark Aiston announcement…

June 10, 2012

Mark Aiston to announce his intentions for the Australian National Championship…

At ZERO TOLERANCE we saw a shifting of power as Mark Aiston lost control of the company and in turn, a returning Tom Chocolate was announced as the new ZERO1 Australia Commissioner. Prior to this, Aiston had laid claim that Robby Heart’s successful defence of his championship against Aiston’s own client, Ryan Eagles, was illegitimate due to an error made by the referee. Therefore Aiston believed that the title should have been vacated. After some deliberation, a tag team match was made which stipulated that Robby Heart would be stripped of the belt and it placed under Mark Aiston’s discretion, if he and his partner were to lose against Ryan Eagles’ team. Evidently, Eagles was the victor and therefore the championship has now been vacated.

Aiston has announced that he has decided on his plans for the championship’s future and in his last act of power, will reveal these plans at REVOLUTION!

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