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Z1 Revolution News: ‘Dirty’ Dick Donovan w/ Moneybags Malone vs. Masked Commando #4

June 12, 2012

Making his return to action is the most celebrated member of the prestigious Masked Commando family tree. Whilst little has been revealed about the man from ‘Parts Unknown,’ rumours have been circling about his background as of late. Some say that he was a veteran of the Gulf War who went AWOL and therefore wears a mask to protect his identity. Others say that the mask is just a tactic to sway his opponents. Regardless, he has shown in the past that he is a force to be reckoned with in the Pro Wrestling world.

Dick Donovan w/Moneybags Malone

His opponent on this night will be a man who made his return recently with one goal in mind. That being to show the world that he was the driving force behind the ‘Dick & Balls’ tag team of himself and Wreckin’ Ball Wilson from the early days of the company’s history. Of course we are speaking about ‘Dirty’ Dick Donovan who has only been victorious in 1 of his past 3 battles, a far cry from the streak he proclaimed would rival Wreckin’ Ball’s streak after the two disbanded. Dick’s manager, Moneybags Malone, has been vocal in his disdain for his client’s recent efforts, but has promised that come REVOLUTION he will reveal his new plan which he expects will put Dick Donovan back into winning form.

What will come of Dick and Moneybags’ supposed ‘secret weapon’? Can Masked Commando make an impact in his return to the company? Find out on June 16th at REVOLUTION!

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