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June 13, 2012

‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson vs. Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills

If there are two names that are synonymous with being the pioneers of Australian Wrestling, they would be Jag and Havok. The two brought Pro Wrestling back to South Australia in the late 90’s and from there influenced an entire generation across the country. They carried their feud all over Australia before becoming one of the most dominant tag teams the nation has ever seen. Whilst the pair built a reputation as two of the best technical athletes in the game, they were also known as having some of the most extreme battles on Australian soil.

Plenty has happened since these early days as their paths took slightly different routes. Jag has become one of the most celebrated Australian pro wrestlers overseas, racking up countless tours of America, Japan and Nepal, even becoming the first Australian to compete for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson

Havok on the other hand, chose to place his focus within his home country as he simultaneously held the most prestigious championships in WA and SA, becoming established as one of the toughest wrestlers of this era. Unfortunately for Havok, his career was cut short in 2009 by several ongoing injuries.

Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills

After returning to the ring at WRESTLE REUNION to honour his trainer Col Dervany, Havok was given a once in a lifetime opportunity by ZERO1 President Yoshiyuki Nakamura. Nakamura personally requested that Havok sign a contract with ZERO1 Australia and return to pro wrestling full time. Having rehabilitated most of his injuries, Havok took the offer and kicked off his return with a bang as he defeated The Hotrodz and then Dick Donovan with relative ease. Havok hadn’t lost a step.

On the same night at ZERO TOLERANCE, Jag and Ryan Eagles had defeated Robby Heart and Robbie Eagles but then decided to launch another vicious attack on their fallen opponents. Finally Havok emerged from backstage, taking out the two. Havok sighted that Jag’s ego had created a monster, and the only person who could stop this monster was Jag’s own former comrade. A challenge was set and at June 16th’s REVOLUTION event, Havok will take on Jag one more time in a throwback to their battles of past. And just like it was at The Octagon Theatre 14 years ago, this match will be a HARDCORE STREETFIGHT!

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