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June 19, 2012

Revolution Results (16/06/12):

1)       The Hotrodz def. The Fitness Maniacs

2)      Masked Commando #4 def. ‘Dirty’ Dick Donovan w/ Moneybags Malone

3)      Wreckin’ Ball def. Chris Vice

Mark Aiston announced his intentions for the Australian National Championship that was stripped of Robby Heart. In his last act of power, Aiston crowned his client Ryan Eagles as the NEW Australian National Champion!

4)      Ryan Eagles(c) def. Pat Graham [AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH]

5)      Jessie McKay def. Shazza McKenzie

6)      Damian Slater def. Bobby Marshall – Slater now faces Ryan Eagles for the Championship at GROUND ZERO July 28th

7)      ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson def. Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills [HARDCORE STREETFIGHT]




What a night REVOLUTION was, as we not only welcomed in the beginning of the ZERO1 AUSTRALIA brand, but also saw some twists and turns that not even the best of us could have predicted.


Let’s start with the most shocking of them all. As the HARDCORE STREEFIGHT was about to begin, we saw ‘JAG’ HARTLEY JACKSON send his sidekicks THE HOTRODZ to the back. JACKSON wanted to face BRUCE ‘HAVOK’ MILLS on his own in the epic conclusion to their 14 year feud. Unfortunately in the closing moments of the match, THE HOTRODZ made their way back out to the ring, put HAVOK through a thumbtack covered table, and dragged HARTLEY JACKSON on top for the victory. JACKSON took exception to the act and as tensions rose, THE HOTRODZ did the unthinkable and turned on the man who brought them into the spotlight. Both JAG and HAVOK were left laying in their own blood and debris and had to be assisted out of the ring. THE HOTRODZ have said that they are done standing in others’ shadows and it’s time to create their own.


Following WRECKIN’ BALL’s victory earlier in the night, ‘DIRTY’ DICK DONOVAN and his manager MONEYBAGS MALONE made their way to the ring. MALONE sighted that 2012 had become a year of mediocrity for the former #1 contender WRECKIN’ BALL. He then proceeded to offer WRECKIN’ BALL a chance to reform his former tag team with DICK DONOVAN, known as DICK & BALLS. Unfortunately for MALONE and co, WRECKIN’ BALL showed no interest in the offer and left without a reply. On MONEYBAGS MALONE’s twitter page, he has said that it’s not over and WRECKIN’ BALL will see the light soon enough. Is this just a desperate attempt for MALONE to stay relevant as DICK DONOVAN has been less than impressive since his return to action last year?


JESSIE MCKAY was victorious over SHAZZA MCKENZIE in the 2nd ever women’s match for the company. MCKAY showed a touch of attitude and a whole lot of skill in overcoming her opponent. After speaking to the Sydney beauty after the match, MCKAY made it known that she wants to be recognised as the best female in the country and has issued an Australia wide challenge for WRESTLE RAMPAGE at Thebarton Theatre in November. We will have more news on this as it comes.


In his final act of power as the NWA liaison MARK AISTON announced his intentions for the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. In a decision that should have been predicted, he placed the belt around the waist of his client RYAN EAGLES. To then kick more sand into the company’s face, EAGLES announced that as the new champion, he did not have to face his scheduled opponent DAMIAN SLATER, and could defend his championship against a chosen contender. Out came PAT GRAHAM, who despite being a resilient up and comer, simply isn’t on the level of being a top contender just yet. EAGLES easily put away the rookie, which brought out DAMIAN SLATER who issued another challenge. AISTON accepted the challenge, as long as SLATER beat his new enforcer BOBBY MARSHALL from Perth. SLATER ended up putting away the big man, and is now setup to fight RYAN EAGLES for the Championship on July 28th at GROUND ZERO!


We are approaching GROUND ZERO on July 28th at DEAF CAN DO HALL and business is just picking up. Not only do we have EAGLES vs. SLATER for the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, but we will also see the return of former champion ROBBY HEART who seems to have unfinished business with MARK AISTON and RYAN EAGLES. What will come of one of the final events before WRESTLE RAMPAGE at Thebarton Theatre?


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