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Damian Slater Blog: Pride, Honour…. Glory?

July 9, 2012

May 22nd, 2010 was the last time I felt the NWA Australian National Championship slip through my hands. It was the 7th time this had happened to me. Pretty crazy statistics huh? Working your way up and being knocked down isn’t an easy thing to swallow. This time was different though.


I don’t usually get nervous before matches, but I could barely move my legs as I was standing in the ring at Cosgrove Hall waiting for Robby Heart to make his way to the ring. I’d never felt an atmosphere as electric as this one. Still haven’t to this day. Not 1200 fans at Thebby, 2000 at Korakuen Hall or 4000 at the Orleans Arena, could hold a candle to this crowd. I had spent the past few years doing whatever I could to ‘make an impact.’ Whether it meant turning my back on friends who I felt couldn’t offer me anything or just acting like a tool in general. According to Pro Wrestling 101, this is how you got noticed in our wacky industry. As a result, there were literally more than 500 screaming people eager to see me fail against their hero. But the nerves were there because I was more ready than I had ever been. I literally could not have trained any harder. I had beaten all of the top dogs. I had no Plan B. If I was to lose again, there was nothing more I could really do. And I did lose. Again.


Not long after that I decided to just start being myself. I also made it a point to forget about the NWA Australian Title. In that time I fought and beat some of the best from around Australia. Jack Bonza, AJ Istria, Mark Davis, Davis Storm, Rocky Menero, Bobby Marshall. I then went to Japan and did the same. The stresses of high expectations and political bulls**t were gone. The only expectation I had for myself was to leave it all in the ring each and every time, and never quit.


Now I find myself back in a position I haven’t been in for over 2 years.  July 28th I get another chance to complete the one goal that has eluded me. As surprising as it may sound, I don’t have a problem with Ryan Eagles. Sure he has disrespected my hometown, my home promotion and my best friends, but as a result he’s now the Champ. Whether you like it or not, he had a game plan that worked and you can’t deny that he’s one of the best. In saying that, I don’t have the same respect for Mark Aiston. Nor do I have any time for other outsiders who think they can walk into my sport and treat it as a playground for their childhood fantasies.


I don’t really feel like coming up with some kind of epic conclusion to this rant so I’ll just say this. At GROUND ZERO I’m going to put my foot through Ryan Eagles’ mouth. Not only to keep the belt in Adelaide, but more importantly, to keep the belt away from Mark Aiston. Then while Aiston sits behind his news desk informing the masses of dodgy footy umpiring and tennis scores nobody cares about, I’m going to keep doing what I do best. This time as a champion. Finally.


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