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ZERO1 Monthly Interviews: Robbie Eagles (July 2012)

July 17, 2012

This month we interviewed the winner of the 1st ZERO1 Australia Fighting Spirit Challenge, Robbie Eagles. Robbie is currently over in Japan for a 3 month stay as a result of winning the tryout. The next tryout is being held in Adelaide mid-September with full details about to be announced. Here is what Robbie had to say about his career and experiences so far…

First memory of Wrestling?
Would have to be going to a friend’s house and watching my very first WCW Pay Per View. I think it was Bash at the Beach in either 1998 or 1997. But either way, as soon as I saw the Luchadores on that event, I was hooked! Rey Mysterio Jr and Juventud Guerrera were the first two that captured my attention, later it was guys like Billy Kidman & Psychosis.
Who were your influences growing up?
Starting off as a WCW kid, it was Sting and Rey Mysterio Jr as my top two influences. I used to get face paint and paint my face red with black streaks, as I was watching Sting during the Wolfpac era. I think it was his aura and just his general character that made me want to watch him. The outfit, the paint, coming down from the rafters, I thought it was so superhero-like that I just couldn’t get away from the TV when he was on.

Rey Mysterio Jr was very much the same, but it was less for his mask and tights and more for his aerial moves. Seeing him soar through the air, run the ropes incredibly fast and come off with a huge twist or flip to the outside was so unreal to me.


Where did you get your start in wrestling?
I was lucky enough to have family involved in the sport, being Ryan Eagles. When you’re older brother has the same passion, it kind of made it easy for me. I just waited until all my schooling was finished with, and I knew I wanted to train full time after that. I had my break after school finished to party and hang out with friends before I completely dedicated myself to it. Having Madison Eagles and my own big brother as my trainers, I honestly couldn’t have asked for anyone better. They instantly showed me the ropes, and because I wanted it so bad I adapted to it all pretty quickly. Tagging alongside them for various trips helped increase my knowledge of wrestling, but also helped me spread my own name.


If you weren’t a Professional Wrestler, what would you be?

At this point in my life, it’s hard to pin point what I would be doing if I wasn’t a wrestler. I dabbled in music when I was in High School, and although I enjoy “trying” to play the Guitar, I thought myself mostly as a singer. That didn’t last long, as I found out it wasn’t as easy as singing into whatever I would hold and pretend was a microphone. I think if anything, I would be doing something with either film production or events management.


Favourite band?

A Day to Remember


Favourite movie?
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Worst Injury in wrestling?

I was unfortunately knocked out in a match, and hit a guard rail face first whilst unconscious. This saw me receive my first set of stitches on the bridge of my nose and I had bruises and swelling everywhere all over my face.


Who was your toughest fight? (sent in by Jon Meyer)

The toughest person, or should I say, people would be The Fitness Maniacs, Sean O’Shea and Mikey Broderick. Teaming alongside my tag team partner in the Light Speed Xpress, Mat Diamond, we saw an absolute battle of a match back in December of 2010. It was the finals of PWA’s King of the New School tournament to crown the first ever PWA Tag Team Champions. We wanted those belts so bad, but knew that Broderick & O’Shea wanted them just as bad.


How was the ZERO1 Australia Fighting Spirit Challenge experience for you?

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Coming into the morning of the Fighting Spirit Challenge, I was already drained and very sleep deprived from the night prior. I still got myself together and pushed as hard as I could. Nearly six hours (if I remember correctly) of training was grueling but so worth it. I felt that the Challenge let me see firsthand things I needed to work on, but let me open my eyes to my strengths too.


What have been some highlights of your first ZERO1 tour of Japan?
As I’m only a month in I can only comment on the highlights thus far. Literally driving into Tokyo from Narita airport is an amazing experience, so glad I got to do it in the night time where all the lights looked so bright. Wrestling at Korakuen Hall is definitely at the top of the list, knowing the names and people who have competed there in the past. It’s a legendary building when it comes to Professional Wrestling, and now I can say my name is added to the list of those who have set foot as a wrestler into that same very building. Training at the Dojo under the tutelage or famous ZERO1 athlete Ikuto Hidaka is so mind blowing; I never imagined I would be able to go to someone of his caliber for advice.


I have had the opportunity of a lifetime, and in my second ever appearance at Korakuen Hall, fought for the NWA Intercontinental Lightweight Tag Team Championships alongside Ikuto Hidaka against Dragon Gate’s own Jimmy; Jimmy Kagetora & Jimmy Susumu. This was something so unexpected, and truly such an honour to me. Competing for international gold, against representatives of another company other than ZERO1. Again, men I had watched from home thinking that was the closest I’d ever get to them. Unsuccessful in capturing the gold, but I still feel like those in attendance and the people who have since viewed the event on Samurai Fighting TV know what I’m capable of.  


List 3 wrestlers you’d like to face in the future and why?

Ikuto Hidaka – Man is a genius when it comes to technical wrestling. Knows how every limb is connected and how he can take it apart. He is also able to come up with combinations that would take me months to think about in a matter of minutes. I have so much respect for Hidaka.

Robby Heart – Someone I’ve only stepped into the ring against once before, but it was not one on one. I think Robby and I have great chemistry as a team, but could be even greater opponents. I look up to Robby, being a former NWA Australian Champion amongst other accolades, just knowing that a match between us would be dynamite.

Mark Andrews – A friend of mine I met back in August of 2011 whilst competing at CHIKARA Pro’s Young Lions Cup IX. He’s from England, and our styles are quite similar. Mark uses unique ways to set up his high impact high-flying offense, which I feel like I do the same.


What are your plans for the remainder of 2012 and beyond?

2012 is what I’ve felt like I could officially call “My year”. But I want to get what’s always eluded me and that’s a main Championship. I’ve held titles in companies, but never that ONE belt. I’ll be striving towards that goal, and whether it be ZERO1 or elsewhere, that’s the question you’ll have to find out for yourselves. As far as after 2012, I can’t continually call a year mine. So I’ll be looking to help those who want to get where I’ve had the chance to go. The younger guys who are looking for the way to make their mark on the wrestling industry. I’m always about giving back, and I think the future will be all about that.


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