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Z1 Ground Zero News: The Hotrodz vs. Wreckin’ Ball & Pat Graham

July 23, 2012

The Hotrodz vs. Wreckin’ Ball & Pat Graham

At last month’s REVOLUTION, we witnessed the unthinkable. THE HOTRODZ turned their back on their mentor HARTLEY JACKSON with a vicious attack following his Hardcore Streetfight match with HAVOK. The brothers then launched into a verbal tirade declaring that they would no longer stand in anyone’s shadow. At GROUND ZERO, THE HOTRODZ will have their opportunity to put up or shut up as they take on long time foe WRECKIN’ BALL, and their own younger brother, PAT GRAHAM.

The Hotrodz with one of their patented double team manoeuvres [Credit: Darryl Smith]

WRECKIN’ BALL has had an up and down year, struggling to find his spot back at the top after a stellar 2011. He does however hold a victory over THE HOTRODZ in 2012, and will be looking to repeat history as he teams with young gun PAT GRAHAM. PAT knows THE HOTRODZ all too well as he is in fact their youngest sibling. Since debuting in 2011, PAT has maintained his distance from his brothers, with good reason. Teaming up with WRECKIN’ BALL will be maybe his best opportunity yet to find his first win in a ZERO1 ring.

Can Wreckin’ Ball find his 2011 form that saw him as #1 contender? [Credit: Cory Lockwood]

There is a whole lot of reputation on the line with this tag team battle. Will THE HOTRODZ prove themselves worthy of the attention they demand or will they fail to live up to their words like so many others have in the past?

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