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Z1 Ground Zero News: AJ Istria vs. ‘Pitbull’ Craig Cole

July 24, 2012

AJ Istria vs. ‘Pitbull’ Craig Cole

If we were asked to predict anything for 2012, it certainly wouldn’t have been for AJ ISTRIA to hold an undefeated streak. The Queenslander was given an ultimatum at the beginning of 2012 after being defeated in several straight matches. He was offered a spot with ZERO1 Australia on the condition that he turns his record around.  Whilst each victory has been questionable, ISTRIA has silenced his critics each and every month since the beginning of the year. Of course, all of his victories have come under scrutinisation as ISTRIA has never been one to let a traditional rule stand in the way of his actions.

Istria showing his capability in submission wrestling

Pitbull with a devastating spear

Whilst ISTRIA looks to continue his streak, his opponent at GROUND ZERO will be his toughest yet. CRAIG ‘PITBULL’ COLE from Melbourne is back with victory on his mind and will be coming in the clear favourite to put Istria back on the losing end of the spectrum. It will take a valiant effort and a hell of a game plan for AJ ISTRIA to defeat his opponent on July 28th!


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