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July 29, 2012

GROUND ZERO Results (28/07/12):

1) AJ Istria def. ‘Pitbull’ Craig Cole (5:42) via pinfall

2) Dirty Dick Open Fight Night: ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson def. ‘Dirty’ Dick Donovan w/ Moneybags Malone (3:00) via pinfall

3) Robby Heart def. ‘The Golden Greek’ Marcius Pitt (13:54) via pinfall

4) The Hotrodz def. Wreckin’ Ball & Pat Graham (7:26) via pinfall

5) Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills def. Chris Vice (7:46) via pinfall

6) Australian National Championship Match: Ryan Eagles(c) w/ Mark Aiston def. Damian Slater (20:12) via pinfall



We were certainly faced with some game changing events in the final show before WRESTLE RAMPAGE at Thebarton Theatre in November…


At REVOLUTION we saw MONEYBAGS MALONE try his best to recruit WRECKIN’ BALL to reform the DICK & BALLS tag team of old with DICK DONOVAN. It seemed like a desperate attempt to stay relevant in ZERO1 after a string of losses for DONOVAN and in turn, WRECKIN’ BALL showed no interest in the offer. Tonight it was no different as MONEYBAGS again confronted the big man with an offer. However this time we witnessed the unexpected as the conflicted WRECKIN’ BALL turned around and laid a beating on his tag partner PAT GRAHAM. It seems as though DICK & BALLS are back after a 3 year hiatus, which can only mean trouble for the ZERO1 roster!


ROBBY HEART returned to action and put away EPW Champion MARCIUS PITT. Following the match the former Australian National Champ had some choice words for current Champion RYAN EAGLES as HEART had previously been stripped of the belt and injured by his foe. The cowardly EAGLES ended up attacking HEART from behind. After retaining the Championship against DAMIAN SLATER later in the evening, EAGLES became involved in an out of control brawl with a vengeful ROBBY HEART. As a result COMMISSIONER TOM CHOCOLATE has signed EAGLES vs. HEART for WRESTLE RAMPAGE. Finally ROBBY HEART will have a chance to regain the Championship that fans believe he never should have lost.


The 2nd main event for WRESTLE RAMPAGE was also announced as THE HOTRODZ continued where they left off and attacked HAVOK after his match to the point of handcuffing the outnumbered veteran and incapacitating him. ‘JAG’ HARTLEY JACKSON attempted to save HAVOK but it was power in numbers once again. As a result it has been announced that THE HOTRODZ will face JAG & HAVOK at the big end of year event! A stipulation is also to be announced that will be a 1st ever for Thebarton Theatre! Which stipulation has been signed is unknown at this point, but rumours have been flying over the magnitude of the expected announcement. Watch this space in the coming weeks as all will be revealed. You WILL NOT want to miss this event!!

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