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Z1 BBB3 News: Damian Slater vs. John E. Radic!!

July 31, 2012

In 2005, Adelaide fans saw an intense rivalry spark up over the now defunct South Australian Lightweight Championship. ‘The Croatian Sensation’ JOHN E. RADIC was at the prime of his career and was set to embarrass and destroy up and comer DAMIAN SLATER. The two fought back and forth before following vastly different career paths. The two then crossed paths once more in the closing minutes of the COL DERVANY CUP Rumble held at WRESTLE REUNION earlier this year, with the now experienced DAMIAN SLATER overcoming his oldest foe on home soil.

John E. Radic choking Damian Slater at WRESTLE REUNION in March this year

It seems as though JOHN E. RADIC has not lived this moment down. Rumours have spread around the locker room that RADIC was going to gate crash the upcoming BANDS, BURLESQUE & BRAWLS event at Fowlers Live. When SLATER heard of these threats, he went straight to ZERO1 management and made sure that a match was made to settle things 1-on-1.

Both RADIC & SLATER have become known as two of the most experienced and celebrated Professional Wrestlers to come out of Adelaide. Whilst it was thought that they would never face each other again, on August 4th we will see them go to war one more time!!


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