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Z1 Wrestle Rampage News: CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH – Ryan Eagles vs Robby Heart

October 8, 2012

Ryan Eagles(c)
w/ Mark Aiston (Ch10 & MixFM)  vs. Robby Heart

It all began 1 year ago as Sydney veteran RYAN EAGLES made his debut at Thebarton Theatre’s RE-EMERGING taking out both KRACKERJAK and SLEX to earn his spot as #1 Contender to the NWA AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. The night also began his deadly alliance with sports media personality and former NWA liaison, MARK AISTON who for reasons unbeknownst to this day, decided to use his status to further his new client’s career. 
Fast forward to January’s MELTDOWN event in which #1 contender RYAN EAGLES was to take on then champion, Adelaide’s ROBBY HEART. After an absolute war of a match, HEART retained the championship once again, destroying EAGLES’ hopes of becoming the fastest rising star in South Australian wrestling history. However this was only the beginning of a series of events that would leave EAGLES holding the gold he so truly craved.  At the ZERO TOLERANCE event which followed, Aiston would use his standing as NWA liaison to strip ROBBY HEART of the belt due to an “inconsistent” referee call during the previous month’s championship bout. Aiston believed that his client would have become the champion if not for the supposed poor decision made by the official and therefore in his last act of power, vacated the title until further notice.


Unfortunately HEART was put on the injury list due to a concussion caused by EAGLES, which left the championship stuck in limbo. With AISTON at the helm of the championship’s future, we saw the unthinkable happen. Rather than have a new champion win his way to the title, AISTON simply crowned his client RYAN EAGLES the new champion, furthermore declaring that ROBBY HEART would never receive a return match for the title that he never lost.

Ryan Eagles locking in his deadly Crossface on Slex

The feud came to ahead at August event GROUND ZERO which saw new ZERO1 Commissioner TOM CHOCOLATE make a groundbreaking announcement in regards to the future of the championship. As ZERO1 Australia had cut all ties with the NWA, the title would now be recognised as the ZERO1 Australian National Championship. Therefore Mark Aiston no longer had any jurisdiction over the championship and would be merely reduced to a personal management role in ZERO1. CHOCOLATE stated that as ROBBY HEART defeated MARCIUS PITT, he was now the #1 contender the title and would get his rematch against RYAN EAGLES at WRESTLE RAMPAGE!

Robby Heart wants the gold back around his waist

On November 23rd ROBBY HEART returns from Japan to get his shot at the title he never should have lost. This will be RYAN EAGLES’ opportunity to prove that he isn’t just a paper champion and deserves to be positioned at the top of Australian Wrestling. At WRESTLE RAMPAGE we will truly find out just who is the best of the best.



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