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Z1 Wrestle Rampage News: Damian Slater vs. IKUTO HIDAKA!!

October 11, 2012

Damian Slater vs. Ikuto Hidaka (ZERO1 Japan)

Coming all the way from Tokyo brings junior heavyweight legend IKUTO HIDAKA! The former ECW, ROH, Pro Wrestling NOAH and Michinoku Pro star has made a solid reputation as one of the best Japanese Junior Heavyweight style wrestlers of all time! HIDAKA is the head trainer and one of the main faces of ZERO1 Japan and has issued a challenge to face one of ZERO1 Australia’s best.

Enter DAMIAN SLATER. Despite being 15 years HIDAKA’s junior, SLATER has spent almost 10 years building a reputation as one of the best and most innovative technical wrestlers in Australia. Having trained in the USA, Japan, Mexico and around Oceania, SLATER has become an all rounder using influences from a variety of Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts cultures. SLATER’s main mentor in the catch-as-catch can style was California’s TJ PERKINS who himself is recognised as one of the best in the world, on top of being a former rival of HIDAKA. “Much of my influence has come from guys like TJ and Mr. Hidaka. I’ve been studying them for several years preparing for an opportunity like this. I consider this one of the biggest tests of my life and I’m glad I can finally do so in my hometown!” said SLATER.

It was a 2 month stay in Japan earlier this year which saw SLATER spending several hours a day training 1-on-1 with HIDAKA learning the ins and outs of the Junior Heavyweight style. “Living at the ZERO1 dojo was a huge eye opener in how much I have to learn before I can be at the level of a legend like Hidaka.” SLATER believes that he has what it takes to score the upset after having an incredible 2012 which saw him almost pull off the unthinkable against MASATO TANAKA in February. However IKUTO HIDAKA has other plans and intends on walking away with a victory in his Australian debut.

A win over Hidaka would position Slater as one of the most successful Australian wrestlers of this era

November 23rd at THEBARTON THEATRE the great fans of ZERO1 AUSTRALIA will see an international dream match that pits AUSTRALIA vs. JAPAN with bragging rights on the line. Can the young lion in SLATER overcome the legend HIDAKA in what is expected to be a mat wrestling clinic?

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