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JAPAN/AUSTRALIA: Fighting Spirit Challenge #3 + Ikuto Hidaka Seminar

October 12, 2012

Many dream about making it to Japan to train and perform as a Professional Wrestler. The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is truly the last stronghold of Professional Wrestling, not Sports Entertainment, but pure Professional Wrestling. The emphasis is on the athletic ability of the wrestler.

It is a goal of the Pro Wrestling Dojo to help give Professional Wrestlers in Oceania the chance to live their dream of wrestling in the great country of Japan. In the last year, 9 wrestlers from ZERO1 Pro Wrestling Australia have had the opportunity to train and wrestle for ZERO1 Japan.

We are looking to find wrestlers outside of the ZERO1 Australia Dojo to be given an opportunity to fulfil their dream.

We have the pleasure of announcing that the 3rd ZERO1 Australia Fighting Spirit Challenge will be run by Hartley Jackson and legendary Japanese Junior Heavyweight Ikuto Hidaka!

***As an added bonus, the first 2 hours of the camp will be a wrestling based seminar held by Ikuto Hidaka for those who do not want to partake in the tryout aspect of the day but would still like to experience world class training. The price for this 2 hour portion of the day will be $60, or included in the entire package for Fighting Spirit Challengers. Those who pay the full $250 will continue on for a further 2 hours under the official tryout and be considered for the tour of Japan.

The ZERO1 Fighting Spirit Challenge – Oceania:


When: Saturday November 24th (1pm – 5pm)

On Friday, November 23rd Fighting Spirit Challengers may also have an opportunity to take part in a match on live ZERO1 Australia event ‘WRESTLE RAMPAGE’ to be held at Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide. The following day you will experience the 4 hour tryout at The Pro Wrestling Dojo.

Where: The Pro Wrestling Dojo (Light Square, Adelaide, South Australia)

Cost: Ikuto Hidaka Seminar – AU$60 (FREE for those doing the Fighting Spirit Challenge)

Fighting Spirit Challenge – AU$250

Trainers: Ikuto Hidaka (ZERO1 Japan Head Trainer) & Hartley Jackson (ZERO1 AUS Head Trainer)

• Minimum Class of 10 (Maximum of 15)

• Attendees MUST be at least 18 years of age (and a current pro wrestler, no beginners)

• Attendees MUST have a valid passport

• Wrestlers will be evaluated based on wrestling ability, physical fitness, look, gear, gimmick & attitude.

The top attendee will receive round trip transportation to Japan, plus housing and training at the ZERO1 Dojo in Tokyo for up to 3 months. You will be responsible for everything else (food etc.) during your stay.

The Professional Wrestler chosen will not be guaranteed anything more, but will be granted the opportunity to prove they belong in a ZERO1 Pro Wrestling ring in the land of the rising sun!

If you are interested, email thedojo@nwapro.com.au or message Zero1 Australia on Facebook with these details…

Ring Name:
Height (real):
Weight (real):
Current City:
Pro Wrestling Experience (trainer, gimmick, notable matches, heel/face etc):
Entrance Music:
Future Goals and Ambitions in Pro Wrestling:

Once we receive your email or message expressing your intent to try-out along with your information, we will email you an application form if you meet the requirements.


**Due to the overhead costs involved, the minimum number of 10 paid participants for the Fighting Spirit Challenge must be reached by November 9th. With your application form you will receive a link for the ZERO1 PayPal account in which you can pay your $250 entry by this date. If there any issues with payment please get in contact with ZERO1 to discuss, however the minimum number must be reached for the tryout & seminar to go ahead. The numbers will be capped at 15 so entry will be on a first come, first serve basis**

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