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ZERO1 Monthly Interviews: Ryan Eagles (October 2012)

October 17, 2012

We finally got a chance to have a chat with current ZERO1 Australian National Champion, RYAN EAGLES before his huge championship rematch on November 23rd with former Champion ROBBY HEART. Here’s what Ryan had to say about his career so far…

Where did you get your start in wrestling?
I started in a poor promotion in Sydney but I had access to the ring 4-5 days a week and we wrestled in events sporadically. After a few years I realised that I had stagnated and so I set off to learn all that I could from whom ever I could. First it was three months in Melbourne under Jay Andrews, Lobo and Enforcer then back to Sydney to work with Will Phoenix and anyone that could give me a little more insight to help improve my craft.

If you weren’t a Professional Wrestler, what would you be?
High School PE teacher, Professional Rugby Union player or maybe Professional Hobo. I’m not sure.

Favourite bands?

Metallica, Killswitch Engage, Guns n Roses. There’s a lot random music that I’m probably too embarrassed to list.

Favourite films?
Boondock Saints, Green Street Hooligans, The Wrestler (Verne Gagne version, not Mickey Rourke) and probably every Gridiron film.

Worst Injury in wrestling?
Dislocated shoulder and a bucket load of concussions.

You have spent a considerable period of time competing for promotions such as Chikara and CZW in America. What were some highlights of your experiences overseas?
Getting in to wrestle great opponents in famous venues like the Delfin Arena in Osaka, Japan and the famous ECW arena in Philadelphia are the most memorable times I had overseas.

My fondest memories include wrestling Sami Callihan in my first match in America in ’08 yet having no idea who he was. So I just acted like the superstar I am and somehow we still ended up friends. Meeting and mentoring current ROH star Adam Cole in ‘08 and returning in ‘11 and seeing him become a mega star was a rewarding experience. I can’t forget riding with veterans like Adam Flash and the humorous times ribbing our green horn. There’s nothing more entertaining than getting a rookie to do jumping jacks and push-ups in the middle of a harbour in Baltimore. I guess sometimes it’s the fun outside of wrestling that stands out as well as the great matches and opponents.

What has been your greatest accomplishment in your career so far? (Sent in by Michael Roche)
I have many that stand out for different reasons. Holding some of the most prestigious championships in Australia, being the PWA and ZERO1 titles, were proud moments. Meeting my wife (Former SHIMMER World Champion, Madison Eagles) is obviously one of the bigger things that has come from this wrestling thing. Travelling interstate so frequently from around 2005 onwards is something I pride myself on because particularly when I started, nobody was moving past their state border. Obviously there are the overseas moments mentioned above. Finally I would say training my brother Robbie who has become one of the top wrestlers in Australia and has since wrestled for top promotions such as Chikara and ZERO1 Japan. There’s nothing better than spreading your knowledge to those who really want to learn and seeing it pay off.

Who have been your favourite opponents so far?
Sami Callihan and Adam Cole are two of the first overseas that come to mind. In Australia I’d have to say Hartley Jackson, Damian Slater, Mark Davis and Robbie Eagles always seem to bring out the best in me.

List 3 wrestlers you’d like to face in the future and why?

Mick Moretti We’ve faced each other before but at the moment he’s the PWA champ in Sydney and it’d be nice to be a double champ like only Hartley Jackson has achieved.


A friend of mine from CZW who just retired. We spoke at length last year about having a match before he hung them up but unfortunately we ran out of time

Robby Heart
Who wouldn’t want to punch Robby Heart in the face one more time?

What are your plans for the remainder of 2012 and beyond?
First and foremost is to keep improving. I plan on holding the ZERO1 Australian National Championship for as long as possible and maybe continue adding more achievements to my long resume be it here or overseas.

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