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Z1 Wrestle Rampage News: Jessie McKay vs. Savannah Summers

October 25, 2012

Jessie McKay (NSW) vs. Savannah Summers (SA)


JESSIE MCKAY should be no stranger to fans of female wrestling. The Sydney beauty has been a world traveller, notching up tours of ROH, CZW and SHIMMER in the USA on top of countless trips around Australia. Her name has come up on world renowned lists where she is consistently ranked amongst the very best. She recently made her debut in ZERO1 competition putting away SHAZZA MCKENZIE, showing plenty of attitude in doing so. JESSIE is clearly aware of her attributes and has no issue in showing them off. However at WRESTLE RAMPAGE on November 23rd she faces a debuting wrestler to ZERO1 competition.

Jessie McKay (Credit: Gilda Pasquil)

Please welcome the ‘First Lady of Riot City’ SAVANNAH SUMMERS! Adelaide’s top female talent has too made a name for herself around Australia, becoming the first ever RCW Women’s Champion.  She may not have the experience of MCKAY but will come in with the hometown advantage and with a whole lot to prove.

Savannah Summers (Credit: PWWA)

You simply cannot miss this match as two of the best and most glamorous girls in the nation will battle it out at the prestigious THEBARTON THEATRE to prove just who is the best!

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