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Z1 Wrestle Rampage News: John E. Radic vs. ‘Pitbull’ Craig Cole

October 31, 2012

‘The Crazy Croatian’ John E. Radic vs. ‘Pitbull’ Craig Cole

In what could be reminiscent of the David vs. Goliath battle, Snakepit Pro Wrestling’s JOHN E. RADIC will go one-on-one with ZERO1 mainstay CRAIG COLE. RADIC is one of the most experienced and well known faces in Australian wrestling. While he is mostly remembered for his verbal vernacular and underhanded tactics, the wily veteran was trained by Col Dervany at Adelaide’s Monster Factory and therefore has a huge knowledge of the catch-as-catch can wrestling style. What RADIC lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in his ability to use the rules to his advantage.

Radic will need to continue his rule breaking ways to have a chance against Pitbull

RADIC will certainly be coming in as the underdog as his opponent will be another veteran who also has a huge size advantage in CRAIG COLE. Given the nickname ‘PITBULL’, the Victorian COLE has been on a dominant run for ZERO1 over the past 2 years, always displaying his ‘no-nonsense’ attitude to Pro Wrestling. COLE will be looking to get back onto the winners list after losing to AJ ISTRIA at the last event due to a poor call by the referee. COLE has been known to have a hot temper and will need to keep this at bay, especially against a tactician like RADIC.

Craig Cole will be desperate to make-up for his previous loss at GROUND ZERO

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