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Z1 Wrestle Rampage News: HINDLEY STREETFIGHT – Jag & Havok vs. The Hotrodz

November 2, 2012


‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson & Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills vs. The Hotrodz


Finally we come to one of the most anticipated match-ups of the year. You could say this is a tale of ‘Past vs. Future’, ‘Teachers vs. Students’, ‘Legends vs. Youths’. Whichever way you put it; there is plenty of bad blood coming into this match-up and a whole lot on the line.


WRESTLE RAMPAGE marks the 2 year point from when THE GRAHAM BROTHERS shed their ‘rookie’ tag and vanilla image to become THE HOTRODZ, a team dressed straight out of the 80’s glam scene but with a ruthless edge. They became the sidekicks of HARTLEY JACKSON in a move that would immediately propel them up into a position of being recognised Australia wide. Regardless of the methods used to achieve this new level of notoriety, THE HOTRODZ achieved more in 2011 than they had in their previous 4 years combined.


At the same time, their mentor HARTLEY JACKSON was embroiled in a blood feud with fellow forefather of Australian Wrestling, BRUCE ‘HAVOK’ MILLS. Some say that inflated ego of THE HOTRODZ became jealous that they were kept out of the spotlight whilst two of the longest running wrestlers were still being given an opportunity to shine in the main event. HARTLEY JACKSON made it clear that he did not want THE HOTRODZ involved in his own battle which had been building for over a decade. Keeping with 2012’s theme of ‘expect the unexpected’ it was at June’s REVOLUTION event that we saw the unthinkable happen. After helping their mentor JACKSON end the war with HAVOK with a cheap victory, JACKSON became enraged with his protégés unwillingness to follow orders. It was at this moment that THE HOTRODZ turned their back on the man who showed them a new life and declared that they were going it alone and would rid ZERO1 of the ‘dinosaurs’ that plagued the promotion.


The Hotrodz realise that this is their opportunity to show that they are everything they say they are

In the months that were to come we saw a new side of THE HOTRODZ. A more vicious and relentless side than their cartoonish image of past. It was after handcuffing HAVOK to the ropes and beating him senseless at August’s GROUND ZERO that HARTLEY JACKSON decided enough was enough and made a challenge to his former sidekicks. JACKSON would put all bad blood aside and team up with his oldest foe HAVOK to take on THE HOTRODZ at WRESTLE RAMPAGE. ZERO1 Commissioner TOM CHOCOLATE signed the match but with the condition that it would have a special never-before-seen stipulation that would ensure the war would end in the ring at Thebarton Theatre.


Hartley Jackson has never been afraid of pushing his body to the limits

We can now announce that the stipulation given to this grudge match will be a HINDLEY STREETFIGHT! Hindley Street is notorious as being Adelaide’s most infamous location for street fighting and brawls. In this match 7 foot high riot fencing will surround the ringside area. Attached to this fencing will be a variety of dangerous weaponry. There are simply no rules except that the match MUST finish via pinfall or submission. Only 4 men and a referee enter. The enclosure is shut off and the war must be settled. There is no escape.

THE HOTRODZ have never been tested in a no limits environment whereas JAG & HAVOK are synonomous with the hardcore style. Be at WRESTLE RAMPAGE on November 23rd to witness a straight up war!

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