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Z1 Wrestle Rampage News: Dick & Balls vs. Chris Vice & Gavin McGavin

November 8, 2012

Dick & Balls w/ Moneybags Malone vs. ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice & Gavin ‘Shooter’ McGavin

2012 has certainly been a year of unpredictable actions and outcomes with the DICK & BALLS saga being no different. ‘DIRTY’ DICK DONOVAN returned to action exactly 1 year ago on a mission to reform his tag team of old with WRECKIN’ BALL. He claimed that WRECKIN’ BALL had not been himself since the team split years ago and together they could reclaim their position at the top of the tag team rankings. WRECKIN’ BALL seemingly wanted nothing to do with his former comrade. That was until August’s GROUND ZERO where after months of torment, WRECKIN’ BALL turned his back on tag team partner and rookie PAT GRAHAM to reform the DICK & BALLS tag team of old!

‘Dirty’ Dick Donovan with manager Moneybags Malone

Their opposition in their tag team return will be EPW Perth mainstays ‘The Smashing Machine’ CHRIS VICE and GAVIN ‘Shooter’ MCGAVIN. VICE is no stranger to ZERO1 action, but has been unsuccessful in his recent singles run so has now found a new goal in becoming a top tag team. His partner known as ‘Shooter’ touts an impressive amateur wrestling background of 165-0 and will need to use all of his skill if he is to takedown his much larger opponents.

Can EPW’s Gavin ‘Shooter’ McGavin overcome the odds in his ZERO1 debut?

For DICK & BALLS this is a must win match to show the world that they are still one of the top teams in Australia. VICE & MCGAVIN may have nothing to lose but have absolutely everything to gain by defeating one of the most notorious teams on the ZERO1 landscape.

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