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Z1 Wrestle Rampage News: Marcius Pitt vs. Tama Williams vs. Mark Davis vs. Liam Fury

November 9, 2012


‘The Golden Greek’ Marcius Pitt (WA) vs. Tama Williams (NSW) vs. Mark Davis (QLD) vs. Liam Fury (NZ)

Kicking off the evening we will see 4 of the best from around Australasia battle it out for bragging rights. ZERO1 officials have carefully selected the four based on their recent performances in top promotions such as EPW, PWA and IPW. In this match, there can only be 1 winner.

EPW Champion MARCIUS PITT is back in action on a mission to dominate. Despite facing a loss to Robby Heart at the last ZERO1 event, the Perth native has been on a hot streak interstate and will be a clear favourite for this match.

Not many have reached a level of dominance like Marcius Pitt [Credit: Cory Lockwood]

New Zealander TAMA WILLIAMS (now residing in NSW)will be making his ZERO1 debut after an impressive last year wrestling in Sydney for PWA. Whilst only being a few short years into his wrestling career, TAMA has already made a name for himself around Australia as well as in the USA for top promotion CHIKARA.

Tama Williams has impressed worldwide and now brings his talents to ZERO1 [credit: Ian Spruce Photography]

Former PWA Champion MARK DAVIS should be no stranger to ZERO1 fans. It was earlier this year at WRESTLE REUNION that he had a breakout performance with ROBBIE EAGLES against THE FITNESS MANIACS. The agile big man is known for the diverse range of styles he is competent with which range from lucha libre technique to hard hitting strikes.  He too has built a name for himself around the world, never truly sitting still. Much of his training comes from his time with overseas groups such as PWG and CHIKARA.

The former PWA Heavyweight Champion Mark Davis is perhaps the most versatile wrestler in this match-up

The final man in this contest is New Zealand’s parkour king LIAM FURY who fights out of the Impact Pro Wrestling promotion based in Auckland. FURY is sure to impress with his vast range of high flying moves. He truly embodies the Japanese Junior Heavyweight style and is hoping to use this opportunity as a launching pad to a career abroad.

Liam Fury hitting his Ninja Star Press

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