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November 26, 2012


WRESTLE RAMPAGE Results (23/11/12):


1)      Mark Davis def. Liam Fury, Marcius Pitt & Tama Williams (via FRS Driver)


2)      Dick & Balls w/ Moneybags Malone def. ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice & Gavin ‘Shooter’ McGavin (via Bastard Slam)


3)      Jayson Cooper won the 15-Man Wildcard Battle Royale to secure an Australian National Championship Match in 2013


4)      Damian Slater def. Ikuto Hidaka (via Slatality)


5)      ‘The Crazy Croatian’ John E. Radic def. ‘Uncle Pitbull’ Craig Cole (via DQ)


6)      Savannah Summers def. Jessie McKay (via Codebreaker)


7)      Australian National Championship Match: Ryan Eagles(c) w/ Mark Aiston def. Robby Heart w/ Rob Aiston (via Elevated Curbstomp onto steel chair)


8)      Hindley Streetfight: ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson & Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills def. The Hotrodz (via Superplex off ladder through double thumbtacked tables)






Those who missed WRESTLE RAMPAGE certainly missed the best ZERO1 event yet.  Feuds were settled and new wars were initiated.



Whilst WRESTLE RAMPAGE featured a fairytale ending for some, for ‘UNCLE PITBULL’ it was anything but that. After an incredible 2012, the newly South Australian PITBULL was set to get back on the winners list after losing to AJ ISTRIA in July due to a poor call by the referee.  His opponent JOHN E. RADIC was evidently pinned for a 3 count by Referee NICK SAVAGE after a vicious spear. However before the decision was made, a chain was found which RADIC accused his opponent of using. In another dubious call, the referee reversed the decision and gave RADIC the disqualification victory. Inside reports say that PITBULL tore up the backstage area following the match before leaving Thebarton Theatre.



After almost a year of bad blood, ROBBY HEART was on a quest to regain the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP which he never truly lost. With Channel 10 media icon MARK AISTON accompanying champion RYAN EAGLES to the ring, ROBBY HEART saw it as the perfect opportunity to invite MARK’s estranged brother ROB AISTON to watch his corner. After a cheap low blow by champion RYAN EAGLES before the match began, the match was re-started under No Count-out, No Disqualification rules. ROBBY was set for glory until MARK AISTON became involved. In what initially seemed like a move to help HEART, ROB AISTON slid in a chair which was intercepted by RYAN EAGLES and used to earn the victory. ROB AISTON left the ringside area immediately post-match without a word. We still have no idea what the true intentions of this situation were but regardless, RYAN EAGLES is now the undisputed AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION



However despite all of these happenings, perhaps the biggest newsworthy item came at the end of the WILDCARD BATTLE ROYALE. Former AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION and now Professional MMA fighter JAYSON COOPER returned from a 3 year retirement in style by becoming the last man standing and securing an AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP match in 2013. However he was then attacked by the last eliminated MARCIUS PITT. EPW star CHRIS VICE made the save for COOPER, only to turn around and deliver a Tombstone Piledriver on the fallen victor. MARCIUS PITT and CHRIS VICE then declared war on ZERO1 and challenged South Australia to a Team EPW (Perth) vs. Team ZERO1 (Adelaide) series for the January 12th INTERSTATE WARFARE event!



The stakes are rising as 2 states will send their best representatives to the battlefield for a ZERO1 vs. EPW war with ultimate bragging rights on the line! Ticketing information for ZERO1 INTERSTATE WARFARE @ Cosgrove Hall will be available soon.


Jag & Havok soak up the wild atmosphere at Thebarton Theatre before the Hindley Streetfight


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