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December 7, 2012

Due to the nature of the ZERO1 vs. EPW, State vs. State rivalry being focused on for the upcoming INTERSTATE WARFARE event for January 12th, current Australian National Champion RYAN EAGLES has been given a night off by ZERO1 officials. Commissioner TOM CHOCOLATE has promised that he is working on a #1 contender to face EAGLES for the Championship in the very near future. However this is what EAGLES had to say about the situation as well as the events that occured at the WRESTLE RAMPAGE event held a few short weeks ago…



I get that in Adelaide I won’t win any popularity contests.

I’m also smart enough to realize that Zero 1 Australia has a long storied history with EPW and the senior members of their roster. But I have never been so disrespected and offended than I have been recently.

Frankly I’m pissed off!

In Sydney, where I reside, I have had success as a singles and tag team wrestler in my home promotion of PWA. A promotion where they respect and cheer me accordingly. In Zero 1 I have done nothing but overcome every obstacle and challenge put in front of me. Yet still that racist Tom Chocolate has the nerve to not have me, the heavyweight champion, in the main event of the biggest show on the Adelaide wrestling calendar, Wrestle Rampage.

When Nick Savage made an official ruling and threw me out before the match had even started, it was Tom Chocolate who had the hide to make it no disqualification and call me back to the ring.
……and the look on his face when I used it to my advantage and retained the heavyweight title was priceless.

How am I rewarded for being a fighting champion? A winning champion? By leaving me off the January 12th ‘Interstate Warfare’ event! Apparently finding a suitable challenger is not as important as the ego rub from challenging their ‘mates’ from down the road.

I will find a way to find a challenger. I will find the respect that I so desperately deserve. And I will stick my finger up at Tom Chocolate, Nick Savage and anyone else in my way whilst doing it.

I am the Champion

I am the Big Boss

I am Ryan Eagles

Bow Down!



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