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ZERO1 Monthly Interviews: Bruce ‘HAVOK’ Mills (January 2013)

January 5, 2013

The first interview for 2013 is in and it’s a big one. ‘Havok’ is one of the pioneers of the Australian wrestling revolution that began in the late 90’s and was responsible for introducing Australia fans to the more high impact, ‘hardcore’ style of wresling. Here is what he had to say about his 14+ year career so far.


First memories of wrestling?

My first memories are watching 80s wrestling with friends. Watching Hawk from the Legion Of Doom facing off against Smash from Demolition live at Thebarton theatre. Seeing wrestling live made me appreciate wrestling more and I saw just how much more you get out of attending an event rather than just watching on TV.


Who were your influences growing up?

From the 80s I was a big fan of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and The Ultimate Warrior. Jake for his methodical and calculating style. Warrior for his energy. Later I liked mainstream ‘innovators’ and interesting characters like Wrath and Mortis. Also big guys with big moves like Vader, Sid Vicious. I’ve always been a fan of odd characters like Papa Shango, Goldust, Gangrel.


Along with ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson, you were a pioneer of the Australian wrestling resurgence in the late 90’s. Exactly how did you get your start in Professional Wrestling?

Like a lot of guys, I own it all to Col Dervany. From playing around in the backyard on mattresses, he offered us professional training which lead to my start in pro wrestling. After a trip to Melbourne where I wrestled Jag, people on the Aussie wrestling scene knew who I was and it all went from there. It’s funny to think back then how many people called Jag and I dangerous and reckless due to the moves we did. Now just about everyone does those sorts of moves.


You retired from the ring in 2010 but returned to the full time roster in 2012. What were the reasons behind your retirement, and what led to your decision to come back?

I didn’t have it in me anymore in 2010. My back was ruined from a weights incident at the gym a few years before and I was sick of hobbling around after a match. I’d let myself go and couldn’t keep up. 2012 I came back just for the tribute show to Col Dervany. It was fun and it was good to hang out with the guys again. I was asked if I’d get involved again as a official or the like. That next show someone had to pull out of a match and suddenly I was out there wrestling again. So I’ve been back at the gym working hard. After a long break my back is going well and I’m probably stronger than I’ve ever been. I don’t recall really making the decision to come back… I just am. Maybe I have unfinished business.


If you weren’t a Pro Wrestler, what would you be?

Judo and kayaking come to mind. Two interests I’ve never really followed up.


Favourite bands?

I don’t really listen to a lot of bands (I’m more into trance and its derivatives). Like a lot of classic 80s and 90s.


Favourite films?

American Beauty is probably my top film. Anything Arnold Schwarzenegger too. LOTR, Star Wars.


Worst injury in wrestling?

My shoulder still gives me issues from falling off a ladder in the ring through a table outside the ring. That was years ago and I still wake up with a stiff, sore shoulder.


What has been the greatest accomplishment in your career so far?

At one stage I held the South Australian Heavyweight Championship and the EPW Championship simultaneously. That’s definitely the greatest accomplishment so far.


Who have been your favourite opponents so far?

‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson, Jayson Cooper, Scarecrow and Chopper Colman. All for very different reasons.


List 3 wrestler’s you’d like to face in the future and why?

Wreckin’ Ball Wilson – I’ve only been back for a short period of time. Maybe I need to take a good beating to really get me back in the zone.

Robby Heart – At the top of his game now. A very good challenge.

Damian Slater – Would be interesting to see if our two contrasting styles would gel or be a disaster. Would push me very hard.


What are your plans for 2013 and beyond?

For now I’m just trying to shake off the ring rust. I’m trying to work out why I’m here and what I really want. I do miss hurting people… maybe that’s it.



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