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Z1 Zero Tolerance News: Rocky Menero to Special Guest Referee the Main Event!

March 12, 2013

Reports were circulating recently regarding a request made by MARK AISTON’s party to remove ZERO1 referee NICK SAVAGE as the official for the LAST MAN STANDING Main Event between BRUCE ‘HAVOK’ MILLS and ROBBY HEART. In return, AISTON would provide a referee of his own for the matchup. AISTON felt that SAVAGE’s ‘inconsistent’ refereeing over the past year would be a liability to ensuring a credible winner to the match. Obviously there is a great deal on the line as if ROBBY HEART can be the last man standing, he will go on to face the ZERO1 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION at May’s REVOLUTION event. However if he loses, he will lose his future title opportunity.


COMMISSIONER TOM CHOCOLATE has responded to AISTON’s ridiculous demands with a decision of his own.

“Aiston has proved time and time again that he can’t get the job done unless he takes matters into his own hands. If he is refusing to take the match with Nick Savage as the official then that’s fine. As of now I have replaced Nick Savage with a man who was an effective Special Enforcer at Interstate Warfare. A man who has had a long history with Havok and can certainly hold his own in the ring. Rocky Menero will become the Special Guest Referee for the Last Man Standing match on the 23rd!”


So there we have it. Retired legend of Australian Wrestling ROCKY MENERO will be the guest referee once more. At January’s INTERSTATE WARFARE event, MENERO put a stop to the biased officiating from Perth referee MATT SMARKSON which allowed ROBBY HEART to take the decisive victory and lead TEAM ZERO1 against their interstate rivals from TEAM EPW.


Rocky Menero

Rocky Menero

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