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March 24, 2013


ZERO TOLERANCE Results (March 23rd, 2013)

Robbie Eagles def. ‘The Smashing Machine’ Chris Vice via pinfall

Steve Miller def. ‘The Crazy Croatian’ John E. Radic via pinfall

The Hotrodz def. Dick & Balls via pinfall

Savannah Summers def. KC Cassidy via pinfall

Ryan Eagles def. Damian Slater & ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson via pinfall

Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills def. Robby Heart via 10 count


The fallout from Zero Tolerance


A near capacity crowd saw ZERO1 return to action in a night where nothing was truly settled and rivalries heated up. Most importantly was what seemed to be a landmark moment in ZERO1 history as Channel 10 sports media icon MARK AISTON introduced his alliance of AISTON INCORPORATED featuring Australian National Champion RYAN EAGLES, BRUCE ‘HAVOK’ MILLS and his personal assistant BENJAMIN ROSENTHAL. After helping RYAN EAGLES retain his Championship over HARTLEY JACKSON and DAMIAN SLATER, the group was then banned from ringside for the Main Event clash between HAVOK and ROBBY HEART. However it was Special Guest Referee ROCKY MENERO who put the nail in the coffin by shockingly assaulting ROBBY HEART in the closing moments, joining AISTON INCORPORATED! As a result, ROBBY HEART will forfeit all Championship opportunities for 1 calendar year! Being home for 3 of the biggest stars Australia has ever seen alongside 2 of the most influential and two-faced individuals in ZERO1, the impact of AISTON INCORPORATED seems to have only just begun.


Also in the night we saw a rivalry from the early days of ZERO1 re-ignite as THE HOTRODZ took on DICK & BALLS. Coming in as the underdogs, DICK & BALLS looked set to score the upset until their manager MONEYBAGS MALONE turned his back on the duo and joined THE HOTRODZ! Time will tell what happens from here, but it’s obvious that MONEYBAGS isn’t one to be trusted.


The Main Event for May 25th’s REVOLUTION event has been set as ‘JAG’ HARTLEY JACKSON has secured a rematch with champion RYAN EAGLES. JACKSON had victory in his hands at ZERO TOLERANCE, until MARK AISTON interfered with the referee’s count. As a result, COMMISSIONER TOM CHOCOLATE has made the match with an added stipulation that it will be a LUMBERJACK MATCH! CHOCOLATE has said that if AISTON INCORPORATED wants to play hardball, then they’ll have an entire ZERO1 locker room to contend with on the night. Can 2-time and former champion JACKSON finally re-gain the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP that has eluded him for over 2 years?


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