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Z1 Exclusive Interview: ‘Why Rocky Why?’

May 24, 2013

Rocky Menero changed the landscape of ZERO1 at March’s ZERO TOLERANCE event. There has still been an aura of uncertainty as to why he decided to attack Robby Heart and become the next soldier for Aiston Incorporated. After plenty of persistence, ZERO1 lead announcer Graham Adams recently had a chance to catch up with Rocky Menero before this Saturday’s REVOLUTION event. Adams discussed Rocky’s reason for returning and aligning himself with Mark Aiston’s ‘Aiston Incorporated’ faction. Here is the transcript from the brief interview…


Credit: EPW Perth

Credit: EPW Perth

GA: Well first things first, what made you retire from Pro Wrestling back in 2011?

RM: What forced me to “retire” was a serious neck injury I was going through at that stage but like I said at the time, I wasn’t gone forever, just gone for a while…


GA: What or who was it that lured you back out of retirement?

RM: Well, as wrestling tradition goes, I didn’t stay away for long… Zero 1 asked me to come back early 2012 to take part in the Col Dervany tribute show. The honour of paying my respects to the man who trained me and to kick the crap out of Hartley Jackson was the classic “offer I couldn’t refuse”.
Now naturally I impressed a lot of people with my performance and was invited back again to take on Damian Slater in the Fighting Spirit Challenge but we don’t need to get into that…


GA: At ZERO TOLERANCE you assaulted Robby Heart and seemingly aligned yourself with Mark Aiston’s ‘Aiston Incorporated’. Why did you take a noble invitation by ZERO1 to officiate an important match and throw it back in their faces?

RM: First of all, check your tone, or I’ll jam that little microphone down your throat kid.. There is nothing noble about getting a guy of my high quality standard to referee matches ok, it’s beneath me. And as for why I attacked poor little Robby Heart and joined Aiston Incorporated, I’m not some stupid Bond villain that’s going to give away the master plan.
I can tell you this though, big things are about to happen in Zero 1 for myself and the rest of the AI boys, everything I do is for a reason and its going to be something you can’t afford to miss…


GA: Do you have anything to say to the fans who think that it’s jealousy that provoked the attack on Robby?

RM: Yeah, I say interview over. Peace.


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