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Z1 Revolution News: Marcius Pitt (WA) vs. Wreckin’ Ball (SA)

May 24, 2013

Marcius Pitt (WA) vs. Wreckin’ Ball (SA) w/ ‘Dirty’ Dick Donovan


In a first time ever match, two of the biggest bruisers from Perth and Adelaide will meet in a State of Origin affair. Current EPW Champion MARCIUS PITT returns to Adelaide after a successful run in Texas with Booker T’s REALITY OF WRESTLING promotion. With his accolades increasing by the month, PITT is on a mission to conquer ZERO1 and bring the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP west again. The first and only time the Championship made it to Perth was in 2008 when MIKEY NICHOLLS was crowned the first rightful holder.

Marcius Pitt

Marcius Pitt

His opponent WRECKIN’ BALL has also recently returned from overseas, after his 2nd stint with ZERO1 in Japan. WRECKIN’ BALL has developed a ‘take no prisoners’ approach, accepting all challengers with little regard for himself or his opponents. ‘BALLS’ even stood toe to toe with the legend SABU showing that fear was not a word in his repertoire. At ZERO TOLERANCE in March, WRECKIN’ BALL and his partner in DICK & BALLS, ‘Dirty’ DICK DONOVAN were stabbed in the back by their former manager MONEYBAGS MALONE who decided to jump ship and join THE HOTRODZ.

'Wreckin Ball' is back from Japan and ready to destroy

‘Wreckin Ball’ is back from Japan and ready to destroy


WRECKIN’ BALL has a tough task ahead of him but will need to focus his rage in the right direction if he has a chance at overcoming the EPW Champion. For MARCIUS PITT this could be his launching pad to dual gold.

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