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Z1 Revolution News: The Hotrodz opponents are…….

May 25, 2013


The Hotrodz w/ Moneybags Malone vs. ‘The Kiwi Bullet’ Link Barnett & ???


Love them or hate them, THE HOTRODZ have become synonymous with tag team wrestling in ZERO1. Whilst many teams have come and gone, GREG and JOEY GRAHAM have stuck together and evolved from two young resilient up and comers to one of the cockiest duos that Australian wrestling has ever seen. Needless to say, tag team competition has fallen to the way side as of late as many ZERO1 superstars have focused on taking the Australian National Championship from RYAN EAGLES. So as a result, THE HOTRODZ have issued an open challenge to “any two peasants” who want to make a name for themselves in the tag team division.


Enter ‘The Kiwi Bullet’ LINK BARNETT. Having built his career in his original home of Auckland with IMPACT PRO WRESTLING, LINK is on a mission to make an impact of his own in Australia. ZERO1 fans would have seen BARNETT debut in the WILDCARD BATTLE ROYALE at Thebarton Theatre last November, but since then he has moved to Adelaide, training under DAMIAN SLATER and HARTLEY JACKSON. Most of LINK’s success has come as a long-time New Zealand Tag Team Champion where fans saw his explosive style complimented by a strange quirkiness. In fact when we caught up with the man himself to ask about his plans for REVOLUTION, this is what he had to say.

“All I ever wanted in life was to become anime. I figure that ZERO1 is the best chance I have of heading to Japan and making that dream a reality. Until then I’ve been spending most of my days on Chat Roulette trying to find a tag team partner, but so far no luck. I even put a ‘seeking likeminded tag team companion’ ad in the paper, but the only calls I received sounded like heavy breathing before being disconnected. I think my phone’s buggered.”

The Kiwi Bullet has made Adelaide his new home and is ready to explode onto the scene [credit: Impact Pro Wrestling]

The Kiwi Bullet has made Adelaide his new home and is ready to explode onto the scene [credit: Impact Pro Wrestling]


As for BARNETT’s tag team partner, apparently one HAS been found, but refuses to reveal himself until the night. All that we have been told is that he is the “best kept secret in Pro Wrestling”. So who else will answer the challenge and bring the fight to THE HOTRODZ?

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