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ZERO1 Rankings (June 2013)

June 12, 2013

Whilst not made public to the fans, ZERO1 has always worked on a rankings system that seeds all of its competitors based on win/loss records and performance in ZERO1, as well as other affiliated promotions in both Australia and Japan. Any victories or losses of dubious nature will not hold the same weight as a decisive victory. Level of opponent and dominance will also play a part. We have decided to bring in some transparency to the public and therefore will be uploading the rankings after each event.

The list features the 5 top contenders as decided by ZERO1 officials. We will also be publishing a further 5  ‘notable mentions’ who perhaps require an important win over a high level opponent to place themselves back in contendership.


Official ZERO1 Australia Rankings – JUNE:

Australian National Champion – Ryan Eagles

Ryan Eagles became the Australian National Champion in June 2012 and has since successfully defended the Championship on 5 occasions. His next challenger is unknown although with Jayson Cooper still holding a guaranteed title match, this may be the next option.


1. Robby Heart

Robby Heart’s 2 losses earlier in the year came after a collection of controversial interferences from Aiston Incorporated. Heart made up for this with a victory over Havok and Rocky Menero in tag team action at May’s REVOLUTION.  However a stipulation granted n Heart’s early loss to Havok means that the former champ will not be eligible for title contendership until March, 2014.

2. Damian Slater

The only defeat that Slater has tasted in the past 2 years has come from the current champion Ryan Eagles. With Heart out of contention, Slater holds the prime position for a championship rematch; however an injury will force him out of action until September which may affect his ranking slightly.

3. ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson

Many believe that Jag should be the rightful Australian National Champion right now, but alas it was not to be after two unsuccessful title matches over the past couple of events. A win over Marcius Pitt at GROUND ZERO should propel Jackson near the top spot, whilst a loss may force him out of contendership.

4. Bruce ‘Havok’ Mills

Whilst Havok lost to Robby Heart and Damian Slater in last month’s tag team grudge match, his victory over Robby Heart in their Last Man Standing encounter back in March keeps him in the running. The only issue is that the current champion is his fellow Aiston Incorporated comrade Ryan Eagles, which would make things interesting if Havok can get back in winning form.

5. Jonah Rock

Whilst Jonah Rock has only been back in ZERO1 for a limited space of time, his sheer dominance affords him the final contendership position for June. After systematically destroying Pat Graham at May’s REVOLUTION, as well as his success in Japan for Pro Wrestling NOAH, Rock seems headed straight to the top if he can continue his path of destruction. A victory over a higher level opponent will be required if he is to reach the top of the rankings.

Notable mentions: Wreckin’ Ball, Robbie Eagles, Rocky Menero, Marcius Pitt, Chris Vice

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