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INSIDE THE RAMPAGE: Who has made the biggest international impact?

April 11, 2014
When looking at the WRESTLE RAMPAGE roster you will find quite a number of athletes who have not only made a name for themselves in Australia, but also on the international front. We thought we would look at the current group of talent and analyse the 5 stars who we think have made the biggest impact overseas.


Honourable mentions: Wreckin’ Ball Wilson and AJ Istria get special mentions for their recent stints in Japan wrestling for ZERO1. On a side note, Istria will be competing for Tajiri’s promotion ‘Wrestling New Classic’ this month which will be a huge step in the right direction for the young wrestler.


5. Marcius Pitt


Marcius Pitt first ventured to the USA over 5 years ago and has since returned on numerous occasions to refine his skill and make his mark. After wrestling for the NWA around the US west coast, Pitt finally became recognised as one of Australia’s best. His most recent tour was with Booker T’s promotion Reality of Wrestling.


4. Robby Heart


Heart’s time overseas was with ZERO1 in Japan. He twice entered the Tenkaichi Junior Tournament and was fairly successful before being knocked out of the single elimination tournament before the finals.


3. Damian Slater


Slater has become one of the most well-travelled wrestlers on the Wrestle Rampage roster. Spanning 2 tours of the USA with the NWA in ’07 and ‘09, a tour of Japan with ZERO1 in 2012 and even wrestling for IPW in New Zealand, Slater has used these experiences to become one of the most stylistically diverse wrestlers in the country.


2. Jonah Rock


Clearly one of the most successful Australian wrestlers of this generation, TMDK’s Jonah Rock has twice toured Japan with major professional wrestling promotion ‘Pro Wrestling NOAH.’ Taking on some of the world’s best such as KENTA, Naomichi Marafuji and Yoshihiro Takayama, Rock’s experiences in the orient have helped him become a world class talent.


1. ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson


The biggest international impact has been made by Hartley Jackson. Initially wrestling at the New Japan Pro Wrestling Dojo in LA under Japanese legend Antonio Inoki, Jackson soon wrestled his Japanese debut for NJPW against Minoru and Hirooki Goto. He has since travelled to Japan on numerous occasions with ZERO1 amongst other promotions, even holding the ZERO1 UN Championship. Jackson’s exploits have also taken him on 2 tours of Nepal and a tour of Auckland, New Zealand. Nobody in Australia can say that they have reached as many corners of the globe as ‘Jag’ Hartley Jackson.

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