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July 24, 2014


Our Woodville debut will see perhaps one of the most anticipated title matches in WRESTLE RAMPAGE history. This is not about hate or retribution, just 2 of the very best fighting for the right to call themselves the champion.

DAMIAN SLATER spent a decade defying odds and proving himself on all corners of the globe. After spending periods of time training in the dojos of the USA and Japan for ZERO1, SLATER started turning heads by showing that he could hang with the world’s best fighters. He became well versed in mixed martial arts and all styles of Pro Wrestling, particularly the submission game. Through this he helped put Australia on the map worldwide, defeating Japanese star IKUTO HIDAKA and going to war with legends such as MASATO TANAKA and SHINSUKE NAKAMURA.  In November of 2013, SLATER finally achieved the one thing that had eluded him by becoming the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION.

JONAH ROCK on the other hand is a man who has followed a similar path but has perhaps surpassed SLATER on the international stage. 2 tours with PRO WRESTLING NOAH in Japan saw JONAH battle stars such as KENTA, NAOMICHI MARAFUJI and YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA. Despite collecting titles all over Australia, ‘The Samoan Monster’ has never received a championship match at WRESTLE RAMPAGE. JONAH ROCK stands as the betting man’s favourite, which is something completely unusual for a challenger going into an AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP match.

On August 10th we will no doubt witness a war and find out just who is the very best. Can SLATER hold on to his newly won gold, or will ROCK put an end to his parade earlier than expected?


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