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July 24, 2014


In what could be considered a battle of the top contenders, former 2 time AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION ‘Jag’ HARTLEY JACKSON will battle THE HOTRODZ’ standout JOEY GRAHAM!


5 years ago HARTLEY JACKSON stood at the top of the mountain as the champion of Australia. Claiming that nobody on the current roster was in his league, he put forth a lacklustre title challenge to a young rookie sitting in the front row. That rookie was JOEY GRAHAM. GRAHAM fought for his life but was put away with relative ease. Now half a decade on and JOEY GRAHAM has grown from a promising young fighter into one of Adelaide’s top wrestlers. JOEY made it all the way to the end of the #1 CONTENDERS TOURNAMENT at DAMAGE CONTROL before being defeated by JONAH ROCK in what was considered an all-out war and a break out moment for JOEY.


At FALLOUT, JOEY GRAHAM will have another opportunity to enter the title picture, however in his way stands that same hurdle that plagued him in his debut. JACKSON has spent the past 15 years travelling all over the world making a name for himself as Australia’s best. Now he has 1 more mission to accomplish and that is to become the 1st ever 3-time AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPION!



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