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July 29, 2014


When we heard that ‘The Fitness Maniac’ MIKEY BRODERICK would be returning to our shores, we didn’t know what his motives would be. However now it has been revealed that BRODERICK is fed up with the unhealthy dietary habits of Adelaide residents after the KRISPY KREME opening, and is preparing to take out his frustrations on the Australian ambassador for KRISPY KREME and other doughnut related items, MR. JUICY!

“As much as I’d love to see all of you South Australian scumbags keel over from diabetes, I’d rather make you all sweat and cry and struggle as I put you through my ‘Super Beast Mode Fitness Maniac Workout’ session. I can’t wait to start with the most disgusting, out of shape, messy ghoul there is… Mr. Juicy!” said Broderick.

Making up the other half of THE UNIVERSAL SWOLDIERS will be jacked, stacked Queenslander AJ ISTRIA who says he has been eating a MIKEY BRODERICK approved split of macronutrients and will do everything in his power to make the FITNESS MANIAC proud.

However where there is JUICY, there is BALLS. What MR. JUICY may lack in athletic ability, he makes up in a tag team partner who has an inhumane level of strength and a reputation as a human WRECKING BALL.

Can WRECKIN’ BALL WILSON and MR. JUICY slide into another sugar-laden victory, or will THE SWOLDIERS put an end to their parade in the name of FITNESS!


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