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WR Redemption News: GREG GRAHAM vs. PAT GRAHAM

November 26, 2014


For over 5 years ‘THE HOTRODZ’ has been a name synonymous with tag team wrestling. Initially it was GREG and JOEY GRAHAM who stole the show month after month, until younger brother PAT GRAHAM made it a trio. As a result, JOEY GRAHAM stepped away to chase the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, leaving the pair of GREG and PAT GRAHAM to tow the line. Unfortunately THE HOTRODZ started to see cracks in their armour and victories became few and far between.

GREG GRAHAM started to blame PAT for their losses. Many believe that GREG’s jealousy over JOEY’s singles successes was becoming too much for the eldest HOTROD to handle and he was sabotaging their battles. At last month’s GROUND ZERO we finally saw GREG GRAHAM snap. He attacked PAT GRAHAM and declared that THE HOTRODZ, the team he created, were no more.

Now requesting to be known as ‘GORGEOUS’ GREG GRAHAM, GREG has promised that he will not only end THE HOTRODZ, but also expose his younger brother PAT “for the weak link that he is.” It’s BROTHER vs. BROTHER for the 1st time ever in a WRESTLE RAMPAGE ring at REDEMPTION!


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