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January 19, 2015


Since Wrestle Rampage’s early days, many of Australia’s leading female talent have made their way over to Adelaide to prove that the girls can do it just as well as the guys. Whilst female wrestlers certainly pale in numbers compared to the male talent, the determination and ferocity seen by the likes of KC CASSIDY, JESSIE McKAY and KELLYANNE ENGLISH has been awe-inspiring to say the least.

Another name who has helped to establish her legacy in a Wrestle Rampage ring is RIOT CITY WRESTLING’s first lady SAVANNAH SUMMERS. One of the longest standing female wrestlers in the nation, SAVANNAH has emerged as a semi-regular for WRESTLE RAMPAGE amongst other promotions. What she brings in beauty, she matches with aggression and she will be looking to remind her opponent that her stay at the top is only just beginning.

At MELTDOWN she battles the rising star DEMI BENNETT who is a relative newcomer to the game. However what she lacks in experience, she has more than made up in accomplishments as in 2014 BENNETT single handedly became the fastest rising female of the past decade. Recently holding RCW’s Women’s Championship, BENNETT will be looking to take down the more experienced SUMMERS once again and prove that her brief run at the top was only a taste of things to come.

The 2 have faced off in a RIOT CITY WRESTLING ring before but this will be the 1st time in front of WRESTLE RAMPAGE fans. You will not want to miss the next chapter of SUMMERS vs. BENNETT on February 7th!


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