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WR Meltdown News: EMANUELLE vs. MR. JUICY

January 27, 2015


Whilst he took no time to let the Adelaide fans know of his distaste for them at the last event, Melbourne’s EMANUELLE displayed great technical skill and resilience before finally going down to the more experienced DAMIAN SLATER. He is back again, this time looking to get his name on the winner’s sheet as he takes on our resident ex-fat guy, MR. JUICY!

In a short period of time, THE JUICY ONE has transformed from a scared, anxious, hungry man into a taut and toned machine. He recently took the fight to current Australian National Champion JONAH ROCK and HARTLEY JACKSON, proving that his time as wrestling’s jester was coming to a close.

A singles win over EMANUELLE will keep MR. JUICY on the right path and potentially lead him towards bigger things, whilst EMANUELLE will be looking to show Adelaide that MR. JUICY will forever be just a comedy act.


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