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February 6, 2015

Havok & Anarchy w/ Benjamin Rosenthal & Heinz Schultz
Link Barnett & Mike Boomer

Since joining the ‘power duo’ of MARK AISTON and BENJAMIN ROSENTHAL, HAVOK has rejuvenated his career and in a completely destructive fashion. Whether it was taking out opponents with weapons or his devastating array of piledrivers, HAVOK showed no remorse and made it clear that he would not stop until he left a trail of broken bodies.

At the last event REDEMPTION, a masked figure appeared by HAVOK’s side who we now know as ‘ANARCHY’. Brandishing a kendo stick, which he used to injure JOEY GRAHAM, ANARCHY will make his WRESTLE RAMPAGE debut alongside his ‘master’ in HAVOK.

Havok's brotherhood

Havok’s brotherhood has been increasing in size. Will their reign of terror continue at MELTDOWN?

Their opponents will be one of the fastest rising tag teams in WRESTLE RAMPAGE history of LINK BARNETT and MIKE BOOMER. Due to their similar high risk and fast paced styles, the two formed a tag team, even defeating the highly regarded Perth team of CHRIS VICE & MARCIUS PITT. This time though, LINK & BOOMER must be ready for a fight outside of the ring as HAVOK’s cronies have been known to get involved and provide a disadvantage to his foes.

Can HAVOK & ANARCHY continue their journey of taking out all of the WRESTLE RAMPAGE roster 1 by 1 or will LINK & BOOMER’s rise to the top of the tag team rankings continue?


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